10 Aug 2021 10:36 AM +00:00

How to get the Grab-Itron Gravity Gun in Fortnite

Fortnite Season 7, Week 10 in underway and as part of the weekly Legendary and Epic quests, the Grab-Itron Gravity Gun will play quite a substantial role.

This alien tech weapon can pick up objects, big or small, then throw them towards an enemy to deal massive damage. Finally, we have something we can use to start fighting back against those awful UFO's.

Here's how you can find the Grab-Itron Gravity Gun in Fortnite.

Grab-Itron Locations in Fortnite

The Grab-Itron Gravity Gun, like the Plasma Cannon, can pop out of any chest in the game. There is quite a low chance of this happening though, so we have a tip on how you can increase the chances of finding one exponentially.


If you can get on top of an alien abductor early in the game, there are often chests and loot on top of them. The Grab-Itron Gravity Gun has a higher spawn chance here. The risk factor is a little higher as abductors are a popular place to drop currently.


How does the Grab-Itron work?

The Grab-Itron Gravity Gun is meant to be used against structures and vehicles mainly. It can pick up small or large objects and propel them at a target to do big damage.

While the Grab-Itron isn't that useful against enemy players, it can be used to damage them. The gun could play a role in the big fightback against the alien invasion and could become part of a Legendary or Epic quest in the coming weeks.

Due to the nature of the Grab-Itron, with it being a less serious weapon, it will not be allowed in competitive playlists as pointed out by @iFireMonkey on Twitter