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29 May 2020

How to do Crossplay on Fortnite Xbox One!: Next-Gen Crossplay, Epic Games Account, Switch, Mobile and More!

How to do Crossplay on Fortnite Xbox One!: Next-Gen
Crossplay, Epic Games Account, Switch, Mobile and More!

Epic Games has created an all inclusive feature, allowing you to play with anyone on any platform!

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Epic Games Account Link

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Switch and Mobile Crossplay

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Next-Gen Crossplay

Epic Games has implemented an amazing crossplay feature to their biggest game, Fortnite.

Moving forward, we're going to see big changes coming with the new season and the release of the next-gen consoles.

This is likely to bring back some old fans of the game, meaning you'll likely want to play with people on other platforms.

Here, we'll show you how to play crossplay on Xbox One, as well as how to get your friends set up so you're ready for the new season!

Epic Games Account Link

To be able to play with other platforms, you'll need to begin by creating an Epic Games Account.

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COSMETICS GALORE - Fortnite has some of the most amazing cosmetics for you to collect!

To do this, download the Epic Games launcher or head to the Epic Games website.

Connect this new Epic Games account to your original Xbox One account. You can also do this on the Launcher/website.

Finally, make sure your friends have done the same with their accounts on other platforms. You can then add their Epic account and you'll see them on your friends' list in Fortnite.

Switch and Mobile Crossplay

To play with Switch and Mobile systems, they'll need to do the same as you and create an Epic Games account.

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AVENGERS ASSEMBLE - Large companies like Marvel have contributed to the success of Fortnite with in-game events and cosmetics!

unfortunately, you won't be getting a competitive advantage playing with switch and mobile as you'll still be paired with Xbox players.

likewise, if you decide to play with someone on the PC platform, you will be at the disadvantage.

This system Epic has created is amazing and we hope to see it implemented into more games in the future.

Next-Gen Crossplay

Epic Games have announced they will be immediately implementing cross-gen on the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles!

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BATTLE BUDDIES - Team up with a friend and dominate the battlefield in the Duos game mode!

Fortnite is set to be one of the firest games to launch on next-gen, so you won't have to worry about being on your own on the new platform.

if you've already linked your Xbox and PlayStation account to your Epic account, you probably won't have to do the same at launch, as long as you carry your account over to next-gen.

If you carry over your old account, you'll continue your progress on the Battlepass and keep all your skins!