Fortnite Season 9 Map: Major Changes, Pyramid, The Convergence & More

With each new Fortnite season we've been receiving some pretty minor map changes, certainly in comparison to the huge changes that came between Chapters 1 & 2. However, as we transitioned into Season 8 those changes were anything but small. Now, the season is more than halfway done and the map continues to evolve each week.

We've seen The Convergence created, expanded and there are some strong hints that it will transform further before the season is over. Here's everything we know about how those changes will affect Season 9 and beyond.

Fortnite Season 9 Map

As we look forward to Fortnite Season 9 - or Chapter 3, depending on which theory you subscribe to - there are plenty of changes that will occur. One of these changes will be to the map. With each passing season, these are the changes that face the most scrutiny due to the impact they have on the game overall.

Bad map changes can completely change how the community views a season because if they're over complicated or negatively impact the overall playing experience then it can be difficult to correct.

We've seen the introduction of The Convergence in Season 8 which was the culmination of the cube movements that began just after the season started. This is where we find the map still but further changes are due.

During Season 9 - or possibly late in Season 8 - The Convergence will change again and create a large Pyramid POI. The Cube Queen also takes up residence at this location and it's unknown how much longer she'll be there.

Some are expecting her to play a role at the end of season event early in December. So much is still unknown about the last few weeks of Season 8 that until we know more, it's hard to predict where we'll end up next season.

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