Fortnite Season 8 Coming Soon, Here's the Season 7 Story so far.

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As we gear up to begin Fortnite Season 8 which should begin tomorrow, it's well worth looking back at the story of Season 7. This will help you to see how we got here. Season 7 has been heralded as one of the best on all fronts.

Whether it was the fantastic story, map or content added over the season, the community is fairly united in its love for the Alien Invasion.


Lets's recap everything before Season 8 so you're all caught up...

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UPDATE - Mustard hypes Season 8

Donald Mustard has taken to Twitter to show his appreciation for Fortnite Season 7 as well as hyping the next three!

He also dropped a tease of something even bigger but there's very little context! He sure knows how to get a community going right before a big event.

Foundation Teaser Found

A tease for The Foundation has been caught by Fortnite fans. There is a poster of The Foundation that can be found in the extended PlayStation advert which opened their showcase this week.


Once it was found, it's pretty clear what it is. This backs up the strong belief that the character is showing up in Season 8.

Fortnite Season 7 Story So Far...

At the close of Season 6, Glyph Master Raz's plan to harbour the Zero Point for himself went terribly wrong. This alerted an alien race known as the Kymera, part of The Last Reality. It's unclear whether the aliens were standing by to invade anyway or were only alerted once Raz's plans backfired.

The Mothership Fortnite Season 7
Houston, we have a problem

There were signs, including abductions of loopers which signalled the end of Season 6. Shortly after, the Kymera arrived in great numbers. The Mothership arrived and has been casting a shadow over the island ever since.

The island guardians, known as the Imagined Order (IO) got caught napping and had their technology stolen by the aliens. This caused The Foundation, a mysterious character we know little about, to fly off into the unknown, yet to pop up again.

The Foundation Fortnite Season 8
The Foundation

From here, the aliens took over the island and it became a war of the two factions, the IO and the Kymera, for supremacy. The aliens quickly took the upper hand making things look bleak for the rest of Season 7, 8 and beyond.

Doctor Slone, Fortnite's Last Chance

Doctor Slone leads the IO and has seemingly be destined to do so according to her backstory. She's trained her entire life for this exact moment. She wasn't about to let some alien invasion ruin her destiny.

Doctor Slone Fortnite Season 8

Over the season, she would set you missions to complete which all helped the IO better understand the alien threat. This would allow them to plan how they could deal with it. She also acquired knowledge of alien techs like the Ray Gun which lead to her creating weapons like the Plasma Cannon and Prop-ifier.

The only issue with all the progress that you and Doctor Slone were making? A Mole was hiding within the IO feeding all your progress back to The Last Reality.

The Final Countdown

In the final week of the season, as we gear up for Season 8, you'll be tasked with unearthing the Mole and confronting them. We won't spoil anything here so be sure to check out the Week 14 Legendary quests for more info.


Certain NPCs had been welcoming the aliens over the course of Season 7, but it was the actions of the Mole that prevented victory at every turn. As the IO turned up the heat, so did the Kymera. They then started abducting whole sections of the Fortnite map including Corny Complex, Slurpy Swamp and Coral Castle.

Operation Sky Fire Fortnite Season 8

Everything will come to a head at the end of the Season 7 event, Operation Sky Fire. This interactive event is a one-shot chance to take part at the end of the season and be part of history. Is victory a guarantee? Absolutely not.

Sky Fire takes place on Sunday, 12 September at 21:00 BST / 16:00 EST / 13:00 PST

Season 8 and Beyond

Not much is known about Season 8. We assume that we'll learn more when Operation Sky Fire is over. Epic COO, Donald Mustard, has hinted that this story with the aliens is far from over.


The Last Reality and The Foundation are both set to play a role in Season 8 according to Mustard when questioned by a fan of the game this week.

We can't wait to see what both the end of season event and Season 8, in general, brings us. We're happy for this story to continue as it's been one of the most engaging in Fortnite history.