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What is an IO Weapon in Fortnite? How to get the Pulse Rifle and Rail Gun

The Imagined Order or IO as they're known, have been around since Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2. The IO has been a thorn in the side of players throughout Season 7 with their high-powered tech weapons.

Now, as part of the Week 13 Wild Weeks challenges, we need to 'borrow' their weapons to cause some havoc.

What are IO Weapons in Fortnite

There are two main IO weapons in Fortnite, they are the Pulse Rifle and Rail Gun. The Rail Gun is not currently enabled in competitive game modes so you will not be able to complete the Wild Weeks challenges in any competitive playlist.

Fortnite IO Weapons Pulse Rifle and Rail Gun
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The Pulse Rifle and Rail Gun are IO Weapons

While the Recon Scanner is considered an IO Weapon, it deals no damage so is useless when completing the Wild Weeks challenges. The challenges can be completed in any Battle Royale game mode where the weapons are availalbe.

The silenced weapons from Sneak Week are not returning even though they were classified as IO weapons. They were only introduced for Sneak Week and have since left the game.


Where to find IO Weapons in Fortnite

There are a ton of places to find IO weapons in Fortnite but only a few reliable places. You can find them inside IO chests and around IO bases. They are common drops from these methods.

You can also elimiate IO operatives and they will likely drop their weapon on the ground.

IO Base Weapons in Fortnite
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An example of an IO base in Fortnite

If any opposing players are carrying IO weapons, eliminating them will see them drop them on the ground. They can also be picked up from regular chests around the map but are a slightly lower drop rate.

Finally, they can be crafted using Alien Nanites with regular weapons. Once you have all of the required components you can use the crafting menu to build the weapons.