How To Get The Kymera Ray Gun In Fortnite

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New weapons are always fun to discover in Fortnite. The Kymera Ray Gun, however, is a whole other story. This powerful alien tech emits a continuous beam that will wreck any opponent.

We’re going to tell you how to get it and what its stats are.


How To Find The Kymera Ray Gun In Fortnite

So, you’ve probably encountered some flying UFO’s on the map lately. These very same UFO's are the key to finding the Kymera Ray Gun.

When you see one flying around, take aim at its weak point (the beam at the rear of the UFO) and fire away until it crashes. Beware that it will fire back.


Once the craft is grounded, a Kymera soldier will pop out to have a chat about what you’ve just done, and by chat I mean he’s angry and wants to shoot you.

Take care of them and when they die, they will drop the Kymera Ray Gun. The bonus is you now have a UFO you can fly around the island in too.

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What Are The Kymera Ray Gun Stats

Like many weapons in Fortnite, the Kymera Ray Gun can be upgraded, so we’re going to run you through the stats for each rarity. The main changes across rarity is the reload time and damage per second.

Rarity Rare
Reload Time2.5 seconds
Clip Size100,000
Rate Of Fire15
Rarity Epic
Reload Time2.25 Seconds
Clip Size100,00
Rate Of Fire15
Rarity Legendary
Reload Time2 seconds
Clip Size100,000
Rate Of Fire15

As you can see, it has decent damage output given the rate of fire, this helps gets rid of opponents in no time.


Don't be fooled by the clip size though. While it sits at 100,000, it doesn't technically have a mag and the reload time instead refers to a cooldown timer once the gun has been fired and it overheats.

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