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Fortnite Cobra Kai Skin Bundle: Release Date, Karate Kid, LaRusso & Lawrence

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Epic Games' incredible offering will continue in Chapter 3 and Fortnite is going to introduce another external collaboration in the coming weeks and it couldn't have come at a better time. A Cobra Kai bundle is coming to Fortnite soon and it might just be in time for the show's Season 4. Here's everything you need to know...

LEAK - Sprays Leaked

Three sprays that will be part of the Cobra Kai crossover are still encrypted but their codenames have been revealed.

COBRA KAI - What we know about this Fortnite Bundle

Fortnite's most recent update - v19.01 Game Update - is here and a new batch of files have been added to the game. As you might imagine, data miners and leakers were hard at work uncovering new snippets of information regarding what's coming up and it looks like a Cobra Kai skin bundle is coming in the near future - the "Teachings of Miyagi" set.

You can see the suggestion from a semi-reputable source - when it comes to leaking things - below:

We don't know a lot about what this Cobra Kai bundle might entail when it reaches Fortnite fully, but it's most likely going to feature both Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso with a variety of styles. We're expecting at least one style each in a traditional Karate Gi and another in casual clothing - as they're not always fighting in Cobra Kai!

Cobra Kai Season 4 is scheduled to start on December 31st - so we don't think we're going to see the Cobra Kai skin bundle in Fortnite until then at the very least. However, it could be lined up to appear when the Season 4 finale airs. Season 4 is scheduled to be ten episodes long and, provided they're released on a weekly basis, would mean we're not seeing this new Cobra Kai skin bundle in Fortnite until March at the earliest!

The evidence to suggest that the bundle is coming is light - at least, the evidence that has been shared is light - which would suggest that this is a lot further away than it could be. So... We might have to wait a little bit. Leakers should uncover more in the next update.

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