FIFA 23 TOTW 25 Live Updates: Card, Release Date, Time & more

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Team of the Week (TOTW) 25 has come to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, with more in-form cards hitting packs once again.

The Trophy Titans promo only brought special cards for Icons and FUT Heroes, so it's time for some fresh special items for current players!

Stay up to date with the latest TOTW 25 news in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team right here as we give you all the information from its release.

TOTW 25 Release Date & Time

The Team of the Week 25 squad in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team was released on Wednesday, 19 April, at the usual time of 1pm ET / 6pm BST.

As ever, the new cards will be available in packs for one week only from when they are released.

The squad will join Trophy Titans Team 2 in packs for a few days, before it rotates out on Friday, 21 April, possibly for a 'Best Of' Re-Release during the TOTS Warm Up Series, before the main Team of the Season event!

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The Team of the Week 25 squad is now live in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team!

Although there are 12 cards included with a rating of 85 OVR or higher, it isn't the most spectacular squad we've seen.

fifa 23 totw 25
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Antoine Griezmann headlines the side with an 89-rated card, which has near identical stats to his La Liga Player of the Month item.

Inaki Williams is another standout card from the release, with his featured item boasting top pace, shooting, dribbling and physicality.

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Best Players

We're once again taking a look at the best players to pack from the Team of the Week 25 release.

'Best' can be defined in a few different ways, but we will simplify it by classing it as the most valuable cards or those with top attributes.

griezmann totw 25 fifa 23
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After bagging a brace to help Atletico Madrid come out 2-1 victors, Antoine Griezmann has earned an 89 OVR TOTW upgrade.

With very similar stats to his La Liga Player of the Month item, which is priced at 286,000 coins, you could add a fair few coins to your collection should you pack him!

Dynamic Cards

With Ones to Watch cards in the game, we have some live cards that can be affected by Team of the Week inclusions.


We had two TOTW squads in a row that affected OTW items, but unfortunately, that wasn't extended to three!

We thought that after getting a goal and an assist, Manchester United's Antony would be included, and possibly even Erling Haaland, yet neither made the cut.

antony otw upgrade prediction fifa 23
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You can check out all the latest OTW upgrades using our Ones to Watch Tracker.

Road to the Final cards won't be influenced by TOTW, but they are another set of live items in FUT 23, which you can monitor with our RTTF Tracker.

The live cards just keep coming in FUT 23, with the Fantasy FUT promo dropping more dynamic items, so keep an eye on them using our Fantasy FUT Tracker!

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