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FIFA 23 - Black Friday Centurion Pack LEAKED as biggest pack in HISTORY set to drop

We aren't short of Ultimate Team content at the moment in FIFA 23 with the World Cup promo bringing us daily SBCs and Objectives.

Yet more FUT madness will ensue this weekend when the Black Friday promo gets underway.

The reliable Ultimate Team source that is @Fut_scoreboard has revealed a whole host of brand new packs that have been added to the code.

One leaked pack has caught the eye of the FUT community, with EA set to release the biggest pack in FIFA history this Black Friday.

Brand NEW packs incoming

Plenty of new packs are set to hit Ultimate Team within the next few weeks including several different player packs.

The following player packs have been added to the FUT code:

  • 85+ Two Players Pack
  • 81+ x15 Players Pack
  • 83+ x15 Players Pack
  • Jumbo Ultimate Pack

A Season 1 Review Pack containing 15 Rare Gold Players as well as one special item from the Ones to Watch, Road to the Knockouts, Rulebreakers or Out of Position promotional events is also on its way.

A Guaranteed FUT Hero Pack will also be made available soon via SBCs.

EA will also be releasing an 84+ Star Player Pack, 85+ Star Player Pack and 86+ Star Player Pack, presumably via Squad Building Challenges too.

In the bottom right corner of the third screenshot in the Tweet above you will see one pack that has grabbed the attention of the FUT community - the 'Black Friday Centurion Pack'.

Black Friday Centurion Pack

The leaked Black Friday Centurion Pack will be the largest pack in FIFA Ultimate Team history.

The Centurion Pack is no doubt linked tot he new FUT Centurion card type that was added to the database in recent days.

The Black Friday Centurion Pack will include the following items:

  • 100 Rare Gold players
  • 10 FIFA World Cup Player Picks (one of two)
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HISTORY MAKER - This pack will contain the most players EVER seen

A pack with this many items is unprecedented. The largest pack we have seen to this date is the Ultimate Pack, which contains 30 player items and is worth 125,000 coins or 2,500 FIFA Points.

The Jumbo Premium Gold Payers pack contains 24 player items and is worth 100,000 coins or 2,000 FIFA Points.

So, judging from these prices, it would make sense for the Black Friday Centurion Pack to cost 400,000 coins or 8,000 FIFA Points.

However, given it is Black Friday, EA could slash the price of the biggest pack in FUT history and offer it for 300,000 coins or 6,000 FIFA Points.

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