FIFA 21 Career Mode: 7 things we want to see – Youth Academy, Interactive Scenes, Budget & more

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Career Mode fans have been crying out for greater control over certain aspects of the game, and with FIFA 21 and Next Gen consoles out this year could we see the best version yet?

Below we outline what we want improved as well as some new additions we would like to see.

Youth Academy

The youth system has not been updated on FIFA for many years now and the scouting system is basic to say the least, but it is not the most pressing issue surrounding this area of the game.

The main area that we would love to see improved is the amount of control and involvement you can have within your youth set up.

FIFA Career Mode Training
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OLD DOG, NEW TRICKS! Greater control of training could help shape your clubs youth academy.

This could be different for each manager, with some players really wanting to be hands on with the youth team and develop them in a way to benefit the team.

The other concern comes from the youth players themselves who are often to physically poor and slow that they are just ineffective in-game, changes needed!

Interactive Scenes

This is an area of great improvement over the last year, however we want more!

The pre- and post-match interviews are an excellent addition, although their accuracy and diversity leave a lot to be desired.

FIFA 20 Career Mode
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BIG SIGNING! These scenes all got a bit repetitive despite early excitement.

Also, the interactions with players could be so much more! Why are there no cut scenes?

It is also far too easy to make the players happy, change it up EA!


Remember the days when you could request more funds in return for higher targets?

Well these days are long gone now with the budget fixed at the start of the season with no leeway whatsoever.

FIFA 20 Career Mode
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HIT YOUR TARGETS! Board objectives are currently non-negotiable.

This is a source of frustration as players like Kylian Mbappe cost incredible amounts of money that the starting budgets just cannot afford.

More control in the finances or discussions with the board would add that element of personality to the game.


Adding on from the budget, the transfer system definitely needs remodelling.

Currently, if you have the funds you can sign pretty much anyone you want, unless the club refuse to sell in which case you can not even make an offer.

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We would like to see a more realistic transfer approach on FIFA Career Mode, with higher profile players willing to join successful clubs.

More control and detail in deals such as loans with a permanent fee already agreed is something we have seen before, and we are not too sure why it was removed?

Kit Customisation

This feels like an easy addition to the game.

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We have been able to create kits of FIFA for nearly 20 years, so why can’t we do it on Career Mode?

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Having a hand in updating your teams kit is not only fun but also keeps things fresh.

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MIX IT UP! Being able to design your kits for the season seems very popular among Career Mode fans.

Also, after managing Bradford for ten years, the Football League badge looks awfully out of place in the Champions League final!

Squad Size

Squad size does not seem to matter on Career Mode, with your first team able to play back-to-back games week in week out.

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Injuries are a rarity, with maybe one or two players picking up knocks throughout a season.

Training injuries, small knocks and illnesses that occur in real life would make your squad depth play a larger role, just as it does in the modern game.

rsz fifa 20 sancho
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HOMEGROWN! Players like Jadon Sancho would contribute to your clubs quota of homegrown players.

Also, selecting your 25-man squad and meeting the criteria for competition is something else EA could look at introducing.


An online Career Mode is an unlikely but interesting thought.

The transfer market would become a more intense place as players all vied for the top talent.

The development of players is a key aspect of Career Mode and could bring forward an aspect that Ultimate Team just cannot do.

Even if they provided a closed version of Career Mode to just your friends, it could still provide an entertaining new game mode.

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