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FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: Virgil van Dijk's squad is RIDICULOUS - how does it compare to other pro footballers

Whenever gamers come up against professional footballers online in FIFA Ultimate Team, screenshots of the pro footballer's team tend to wind up online.

With the likes of Trent Alexander-Arnold's and Jadon Sancho's superb squads being shared on Reddit, no one was prepared for just how good Virgil van Dijk's Ultimate Team has turned out to be.

Virgil van Dijk's Ultimate Team was revealed through a Reddit post on the FIFA sub-Reddit that quickly gained traction nd now has 2.5k up votes.

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BIG BUCKS: This team costs 25.4m PS4 / 21.4m Xbox One (excluding van Dijk's unattainable card)

The Reddit post read "VVD's team on FIFA is mad" and frankly we have to agree.

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Van Dijk's back five is made up of his Liverpool teammates Trent Alexander-Arnold (85 IF) and Andy Robertson (86 IF) as fullbacks, with Alisson (89 base card) between the sticks. The Duchman's own 99 rated card partners Ronald Koeman (88 Icon) at centre back.

The midfield has got to be one of the strongest in FIFA 20, with Icons Ronaldinho (91), Clarence Seedorf (88) and Ruud Gullit (90) coming together with the sensational Lionel Messi (94 base card) in a diamond.

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Just when you thought this team couldn't get any better, you realise van Dijk is starting a top two of Pele (95 Icon) and Ronaldo (94 Icon).

No words are needed to explain how incredible this team, we're just thankful it wasn't us having to take this team on...

Other Pro Footballer's Ultimate Teams

Other footballer's FUTs have been shared on Reddit over the two months since FIFA 20's release.

Van Dijk's Liverpool team mate, Alexander-Arnold, also had his FUT shared on Reddit. It's a strong team, but not on the same level as van Dijk's squad.

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PERFECT CHEMISTRY: Alexander-Arnold's squad is a Premier League / La Liga / Icon Hybrid

Jadon Sancho's squad battles FUT gave FIFA fans a laugh as the Dortmund winger benched himself - to be fair, he replaced himself with a 94 rated Champion's League Messi card.

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BENCHED: Sancho started Messi over himself

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Samir Nasri's Ultimate Team was also recently leaked and it rivals the calibre of van Dijk's squad. The Frenchman has gone for a team of all Icons apart from his 99 rated card at CAM!

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SUPER SAMIR: Nasri is the only current player who makes it in to his FUT squad

Featuring in three out of the four squads, Ruud Gullit appears to be a must-buy in this years FIFA.

The lads at Hashtag United agree that Ruud Gullit might be the best card on FIFA 20 - however if you don't have the cash, they advise that a budget-buy of Sissoko can also work effectively!

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