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FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: How to get Road to the Final Gomez - SBCs, cost & review

The first wave of Road to the Final cards (RTTF) dropped last week, with an array of European talent on display.

Road to the Final is all about team success, so if the team wins or advances at select times during the competition – that’s the Champions and Europa Leagues – the player gets an upgrade regardless of their individual performance.

This week, RTTF Joe Gomez is available to redeem through a number of SBCs.

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Road to the Final Gomez's Squad Building Challenges

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If you want to get your hands on the defender's boosted card, there are three SBCs you have to complete.

Estimated total cost: 342,650 coins PS4 / 337,250 coins Xbox One


1. Exchange a squad featuring players from Liverpool

Estimated Cost: 62.6k PS4 / 61.45k Xbox One 

Minimum players from Liverpool: One

Minimum squad rating: 85

Minimum team chemistry: 65

Extra Reward: One Rare Electrum Players Pack

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2. Exchange a squad featuring players from the Premier League

Estimated cost: 140.3k PS4 / 136.2k Xbox One 


Minimum players from the Premier League: One 

Minimum squad rating: 87

Minimum team chemistry: 55

Extra Reward: One Rare Players Pack

3. Exchange an 87 rated squad

Estimated cost: 139.7k PS4 / 136.5k Xbox One 

Minimum squad rating: 87

Minimum team chemistry: 55

Extra Reward: One Rare Mega Pack

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Road to the Final Gomez Review

As you can imagine, the majority of online discussion surrounding Gomez's RTTF card is the substantial cost of completing all three SBCs. With the young Englishman nearing the 350k mark on both PS4 and Xbox One, is his upgraded card worth it?

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JOE'S JOURNEY: Gomez's possible OVR rating growth depending upon how far Liverpool progress (source: futbin.com)

A Reddit post on the FIFA sub-Reddit detailing RTTF Gomez's stats has led to a discussion on whether the Liverpool man's card is worth the coins. As you can see from the image below, the upgraded card has 87 rated sprint speed and 85 standing tackle, making the already overpowered Gomez even more impressive.

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The original reaction to the SBCs for this card was that they will cost far too much to complete. One user responded stating that it "just seems like too much of an expense, especially when you consider how little a 90-rated scream Pique SBC cost in comparison".

They have a point as the Scream Pique SBC cost around the 130k mark.

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However, some gamers have opted to look at Gomez's RTTF price as an investment, with one user's comment received positively:

"As expensive as he his, Liverpool are pretty much guaranteed to get out of the group which gives him a +2 rating and if we win the first leg and get through that round he will get +1 twice. So he could become 87 rated very quickly which will make his card insane".

When you look at the 350k as an investment you can understand why some think Gomez's RTTF card is worth the money - we all know that Gomez is considered as an OP defender, so imagine what damage an 87 rated Gomez could do.

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It's also worth remembering that Premier League players tend to be more expensive as the English first division is a popular choice for many FUT players when building a squad.

Ultimately, the overinflated value of Gomez's RTTF card has to be viewed as a bit of a gamble - if Liverpool progress to the latter stages if the competition you could have one of the best centre back cards in the game. If not, you've probably thrown away a fair few coins.

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