FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: Summer Heat Revealed – SBCs, Flashback, Moments, Futmas & more

A colourful loading screen and card design has been revealed, but what could this mean?

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Last week FIFA 20 hinted at their latest promo… Summer Heat.

We didn’t know what the promo would involve, but now we have all the exciting details!

Keep reading to find out, and also see if the RealSport team was on the money with our predictions!


Summer Heat Revealed

Head over here for all the latest on the Summer Heat Promo.

There are some curveballs thrown into the mix, but that’s not a bad thing!

Summer Heat Release min
SUMMER MADNESS: Just what we needed!

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Fan Voting

The promo includes fan-voting for which special cards are brought back during the promo.

It’s also said that voting will take place to decide on which SBC’s from this year will be brought back! Fan favorites will get very high ratings!

Upgradable Objective Players

There’s also a vote for ‘Upgradable Objective Players’.

These new special cards will likely be a great way to boost your squad.


Summer Showdown

A new take on player pick SBCs!

Complete a set of objectives to pick a real player from a selected match in real life!

If the player’s team wins – they receive a +3 ratings boost. A draw gets a +1 boost – not too bad at all!

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No New Squad

No new squad this time around, but there will be best of FUT 20 re-released into packs. Batches will be refreshed twice during the Summer Heat promo.

This means that some of the best cards from this year will be available again!


Summer Tournament Flashbacks

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this summer’s major international tournaments have been cancelled.

Summer Heat
BRAND NEW! EA Sports FIFA dropped this tweet last week alluding to their next promo event.

However, could FUT’s Summer Heat promo celebrate previous editions of the competitions?

Dimitri Payet Summer Heat

Former West Ham star Dimitri Payet lit up Euro 2016, so could we see a set of ‘flashback’ cards honouring excellent performances from previous years.

Another potentially exciting card could be a Wayne Rooney flashback from the 2004 tournament in Portugal.

Wayne Rooney Summer Heat

England’s record goal scorer bagged a brace against both Croatia and Switzerland at just 18 years old!

The Copa America was also cancelled this summer, so a summer tournament flashback theme could include some top South American talent too.

Eduardo Vargas Summer Heat

After Chile’s success in 2016, could top scorer Eduardo Vargas or Golden Ball winner Alexis Sanchez receive a brand-new flashback card?

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Return of FUTMAS?

Fans on Reddit believe that special cards from FUTMAS and Halloween could be returning to packs and SBC’s.

Could promos from the winter months be transformed during the Summer Heat promo?

Marcus Rashford FUTMAS

If special cards from earlier in the season do return, will they be accompanied by a batch of new cards too?

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Expect there to be new cards available, whether they are in packs or SBC’s EA will almost certainly release some new cards to excite FUT fans.


Will Summer Heat be replacing the FUTTIES?

The FUTTIES bring back the best special cards from the season as voted for by FUT fans.

Paul Pogba FUTTIES

This promo gives players the chance to get that SBC they missed out on before and complete their squads.

With the delayed seasons around Europe, could the FUTTIES be pushed back until after the seasons finish with Summer Heat taking its place for now?

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