FIFA 20 Pitch Notes: Title Update #12 – Overload tactical adjustments explained & CONMEBOL update arrives!

EA has adjusted D-Pad controlled in-game tactics and the effects on team stamina in their latest patch

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fifa 20 patch pitch notes copa libertadores

Fully licensed CONMEBOL competitions are now available in Career Mode and Kick Off mode as part of EA’s latest update.

The Copa Libertadores is the pinnacle of South American domestic football and it’s now in FIFA 20!

Furthermore, EA has responded to community feedback and made alterations to the D-Pad controlled tactics – specifically the overload function.

Keep reading for a full breakdown of what these changes mean.



Bringing South America’s premier competitions to FIFA is a big step for EA.

Prior to the update, Argentina’s top clubs Boca Juniors and River Plate were unlicensed.

Copa Libertadores Teams
GROUP OF DEATH! Who do you want to avoid in the group stages?

Not only are both these Arginitan giants now licensed, but their stadiums are also available on the new update.

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Players from Brazilian clubs will remain generic and unavailable on Ultimate Team – however, the clubs’ crests and kits will still be fully licensed.

Copa Libertadores Kick Off
CHAMPIONS! You can now lead your team to CONMEBOL Libertadores glory in Kick-Off mode

Just imagine scoring the winner against your mates with the noise of some of the most passionate fans in the world blaring from your TV!

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All new features will require a new save to become available in Career Mode.

Full new competition list:

  • Copa Libertadores
  • Copa Sudamericana
  • CONMEBOL Recopa

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Full new stadium list:

  • Estadio Presidente Juan Domingo Perón (Racing Club, Argentina)
  • Estadio Libertadores de América (Club Atlético Independiente, Argentina)

Tactical Adjustments

The changes to the D-Pad tactics are related to the Overload Ball-Side and Team Press.

Overload Ball-Side will now affect player stamina much more than before – 2.4 times more in fact!

This tactic is only in effect out of possession, therefore it will not affect your attacking plans.

Stamina Overload Ball Side 2
LIGHT WORK: Pre-update stamina levels after 80 minutes while using Overload Ball-Side

The above image shows how little the Overload Ball-Side tactic would affect stamina, where below you can see the more realistic reflection of the high-intensity tactic.

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Stamina Overload Ball Side Updated 1
REST DAY NEEDED: Post-update stamina levels after 80 minutes while using Overload Ball-Side

The Team Press tactic has also undergone a change in stamina, with players stamina reducing at the same rate as Overload Ball-Side.

Your teams will have to be superfit to be carrying these tactics out now!

You can find the full list of patch notes from Title Update #12 here.

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