FIFA 20: Top 10 Left Backs (LB & LWB) to buy on Career Mode & Ultimate Team – Alba, Robertson, Marcelo & more

If you're looking to splash some cash on one of the best defenders in the game, look no further.

Playing as a full back is the most physically demanding position on the football pitch. They are asked to mark, block, track back and intercept in defence, while also having the athleticism to get forward and cross balls into the box.

Keep an eye out for defenders with solid pace, crossing and defending attributes, or you risk getting caught out on overpowered counter attacks in FIFA 20.

We look at the best left backs you can sign on the game, with these lefties the best players you will want to have on both Career Mode and Ultimate Team.

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Jordi Alba (OVR 87 – POT 87)

Age: 30

Position: LB

Club: Barcelona

Country: Spain

Work rate: High/Medium

Best Stats: 92 Jumping, 91 Acceleration, 90 Sprint Speed

Career Mode Value: £36 million (Release clause: £73.8 million)

Wage: £216,000 a week

FUT Price: 63k PS4 / 58k Xbox One

Jordi Alba is a technically gifted, pacey attacking left-back, having transitioned from a left winger. His reliance on his pace and stamina allows him to get involved in both offence and defence, making him such a huge asset to Barcelona.

Alba has been a permanent fixture in the Barcelona starting team for some years now, thanks to his blistering acceleration (91) and awareness of the gameplay

Andrew Robertson (OVR 85 – POT 89)

Age: 25

Position: LB

Club: Liverpool

Country: Scotland

Work rate: High/High

Best Stats: 94 Stamina, 89 Crossing, 86 Sprint Speed

Career Mode Value: £39.2 million (Release clause: £75.4 million)

Wage: £113,000 a week

FUT Cost: 55k PS4 / 56k Xbox One

Andrew Robertson’s pace, energy and passing ability make him one of the best young left-backs in the world, and he is yet to reach his full potential.  One of Scotland’s top prospects, Robertson has also firmed his place in Liverpool’s starting side, helping them on their way to a Champions League Final win this year.

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Besides his impressive pace statistics, Robertson’s tackles (83), ball control (81) and dribbling (78) set him apart from other less talented ball handlers, and justify his staggering release clause.

David Alaba (OVR 85 – POT 85)

Age: 27

Position: LB

Club: Bayern Munich

Country: Austria

Work rate: Medium/Medium

Best Stats: 86 Sprint Speed, 85 Free Kick Accuracy, 85 Shot Power

Career Mode Value: £34.2 million (Release clause: £59 million)

Wage: £122,000 a week

FUT Cost: 42k PS4 / 43k Xbox One

David Alaba has played for German giants Bayern Munich for many years, joining their youth team back in 2008. The versatile defender can play a variety of roles, ranging anywhere from centre back to central or left midfielder.

Known for his pace (86 sprint speed), Alaba also has the ability to fire dangerous long shots along with his useful set piece ability (85 free kick accuracy).

Alex Sandro (OVR 85 – POT 85)

Age: 28

Position: LB, LM

Club: Piemonte Calcio (Juventus)

Country: Brazil

Work rate: High/Medium

Best Stats: 91 Stamina, 85 Sprint Speed, 84 Sliding Tackle

Career Mode Value: £29.7 million (Release clause: £49 million)

Wage: £140,000 a week

FUT Cost: 81k PS4 / 75k Xbox One

Alex Sandro is a quick, energetic and offensive-minded defender, who is also a strong tackler and a good reader of the game. He arrived at Juventus in 2015, with his role in the side unchallenged since.

Besides his 91 sprint speed speed, Sandro also has quality crossing (84) and tackling (84), making him a well-rounded full-back aware of his defensive responsibilities.

Marcelo (OVR 85 – POT 85)

Age: 31

Position: LB

Club: Real Madrid

Country: Brazil

Work rate: High/Low

Best Stats: 92 Ball Control, 89 Crossing, 89 Dribbling

Value: £25.2 million (Release clause: £51.7 million)

Wage: £185,000 a week

FUT Price: 27k PS4 / 27k Xbox One

Marcelo is one of the most reliable left backs we have ever seen, with the Brazilian as comfortable on the ball as anyone else on the pitch. That said, now aged 31, the defender is under competition from new signing Ferland Mendy (OVR 80).

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Marcelo’s control on the ball (92), coupled with agility (85), and dribbling skills (89) see him often beat opponents in one-on-one situations with flair and extravagant step-overs. Prepare to pay an awful lot of FIFA coins to get this Brazilian legend in your squad.

Alex Telles (OVR 84 – POT 86)

Age: 26

Position: LB

Club: Porto

Country: Brazil

Work rate: High/High

Best Stats: 91 Stamina, 89 Crossing, 87 Curve

Value: £29.7 million (Release clause: £61.6 million)

Wage: £20,000 a week

FUT Price: 5k PS4 / 6k Xbox One

Alex Telles is a hard-working, solid wing-back and if it hadn’t been for competition from Marcelo, Alex Sandro and Filipe Luis (OVR 85 on FIFA 19), he would have far more than just one Brazil cap to his name.

Known for being a talented dribbler (83 ball control, 82 dribbling). Telles can also put on the burners throughout the 90 minutes (91 stamina).

Grimaldo (OVR 83 – POT 87)

Age: 23

Position: LB

Club: Benfica

Country: Spain

Work rate: High/Medium

Best Stats: 90 Stamina, 86 Acceleration, 86 Balance

Value: £26.6 million (Release clause: £55.1 million)

Wage: £16,000 a week

FUT Price: 3k PS4 / 4k Xbox One

Similar in stature to Barcelona’s left-back Jordi Alba, Grimaldo is the archetypal modern full-back. At just 23, expect the Spaniard to make a switch to one of Europe’s top clubs in the coming years.

His main strength lies in his ability to attack; possessing incredible balance (86), acceleration (86) and dribbling ability (84), Grimaldo is one of the best value for money defenders in the game.

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