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21 Oct 2019

FIFA 20 Reddit: The cheat code to dominate career mode

FIFA 20 Reddit: The cheat code to dominate career

Here's how to beat the system and gain the advantage you need to rake in the trophies.

Every year there is something in career mode that makes the game that little bit easier - whether that’s signing players, meeting objectives or just getting good results - and using it enough times makes it the ultimate cheat code.

This year is no different, as FIFA 20’s September launch brought with it a host of new opportunities for players to manipulate.

The introduction of Release Clauses and Dynamic Player Potentials in Career mode has gone down well, as these clauses have become a major part of football in recent years.

This piece will show you how to utilise these additions and get a leg up on your opponents.

Release Clauses & Dynamic potential

CHEAP & EASY: Kai Havertz can be acquired for £40 million less than his value

Though it would be nice to see ‘buy-back’ clauses and other such variations of transfers in the FIFA 20, it is likely that we will see these additions coming to our screens in the near future.

However, with new features come new exploitations.

This year, young and rising stars that are only just starting to establish themselves on the scene (such as Kai Havertz, Vinicius Jr. or Joao Felix) have all been given suitably low release clauses, thanks to their low overall ratings.

An oversight of EA’s A.I. team was not planning for these players’ values to increase, as the release clause will remain extremely low while the players get better and better.

Wait, it gets easier

SEARCH & DESTROY: Refine your searches and find players with release clauses

After playing a couple of seasons worth of games, you will reach the point where the player has completely outgrown their release clause valuation, and this is when you should pounce.

While it may have been painstakingly difficult to find young, unheard of players in past editions of FIFA, you can now actually refine your search in the transfer menu to find players with a release clause!

In short, you can buy a potential 'wonderkid' (worth tens of millions of pounds) for something as outrageous as £5 million. Take full advantage of this cheat code before it gets patched, and your team could end up looking something like this:

DREAM TEAM: You can build an elite squad quickly