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Next-gen consoles will transform FIFA 22 storage

With many FIFA fans' attentions now starting to turn towards EA's next title, we take a look at how many Gigabytes of data FIFA 22 will take up on your console.

How many GB is FIFA 22?

We are yet to receive information on the official release of FIFA 22 and how much storage it will require.

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Prime Icon Moments
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PRIME PLAYERS: EA has dropped Icon Moments in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

We can however have a pretty accurate guess, judging from previous FIFA's.

FIFA 21 GB storage:

  • PlayStation 4 - 42.28 GB
  • Xbox One - 40.50 GB
  • PC - 50 GB

FIFA 20 GB storage:

  • PlayStation 4 - 42.97 GB
  • Xbox One - 44.01 GB
  • PC - 50 GB

The FIFA 21 next-gen download is just under 40GB on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X.

Judging from the past couple of years, we can expect FIFA 22 to take up 40-45 GB of storage on PlayStation and Xbox, whilst it will likely take up 50 GB of storage on PC.

How much is FIFA 22?

Whilst the price for FIFA 22 has not yet been confirmed, we have a pretty good idea of how much it will cost.

FIFA 21 What If ultimate team team 1
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CREATIVE CARDS: What If Team 1 is now available in packs in FUT 21

Judging off of previous years, FIFA 22 Standard Edition will most likely cost between £54.99 and £59.99 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC in the Uk.

EA will also drop a Champions Edition, which will be around £20 / $28 more expensive than the standard edition.

The most expensive edition of FIFA 22 will be the Ultimate Edition, which is likely to be around £30 / $42 more expensive than the standard edition.

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