FIFA 21 Early Access: Play Ultimate and Champions Edition now on Xbox One

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EA Play members have been able to play FIFA 21 since the start of the month, but now Xbox players can get their hands on the full game.

Keep reading to find out how.

Champions and Ultimate Edition

If you have ordered either the Champions or Ultimate Editions of FIFA 21, you will be able to play the game from Tuesday, 6 October.


However, Xbox players can get the game slightly earlier!

Image from iOS
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TRIED AND TESTED! Looks like Xbox players can get hold of the game early

@FUT21News has shown how to do so on Twitter.


By setting your console location to New Zealand and then resetting your Xbox, you will be able to play FIFA 21.

EA Play 10 Hour Trial

The FIFA 21 10-hour trial has been live since the beginning of the month.

With the game out, Ultimate Team is already underway with loads of objectives to complete.


Check out the full Season 1 Objectives here.

There is already a title update for FIFA 21, so check out the details here.

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