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WWE 2K22 Tag Team Guide: How to hot tag and use double team moves & finishers

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WWE 2K22 is finally here, and this year's game has made some adjustments to the controls to go along with the updated fighting engine.

We're taking a close look at the nuances of WWE 2K22 tag team wrestling in this guide with details on how to do a double team finisher, make the hot tag, and more.

WWE 2K22 Tag Team Guide: Tips on how to win tag matches

While WWE 2K22 hasn't been out long, players are quickly adjusting to the new gameplay style and controls that came with this year's upgrades.

However, even players who find themselves dominant elsewhere in the game can struggle in a big tag team match featuring four or more competitors.

If you're in a standard tag team match, you'll want to work towards isolating a particular opponent and wearing them down, but be careful not to let them get a hot tag and send their fresh partner into battle.

If the opponent you've been targeting does make that tag, you can either wear the other down or try letting them get some offense in while you're near the corner once their partner is back on the apron.

WWE 2K22
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FINISH THEM: Don't forget about their partner as you go for a finisher

Once you have one opponent primed for a Finisher and a pin, Change Target (Press Right Stick / R3) and attempt to grab or strike their partner until they're knocked off the apron and to the ground.

That will often give you enough of an opening to end things, but another important tactic can be to Swap Team Member (Press Back/View on Xbox or Press the Touchpad on PlayStation) to control another member of your team.

If your opponents are relentlessly breaking up pin or submission attempts, swapping to someone not currently legal allows you to go take the opposing partner off the apron and wear them down while the AI controls the in-match character.

Just try to keep an eye on the full match as you're doing this, as letting the AI be the legal in-ring competitor could result in a victory but also comes with the risk of them being defeated if the character is too worn down.

How to tag your partner and do a Hot Tag

If you're looking to tag in a partner, simply move to the corner where they're located and Press LB or L1 in order to make the tag.

If you're looking to make a Hot Tag, this is something that can only be triggered after you've taken a significant amount of offense and are knocked down.

When you see your character beginning to crawl towards the corner, that signifies a potential hot tag and the button to make that tag will pop up once you've crawled close enough.

Be careful in doing this, as it will cause the character making that Hot Tag to be temporarily Stunned as they roll to the outside and recover.

How to do a Double Team Move or Tag Team Finisher

If you're looking to nail a major tag team finisher rather than just hitting one of your own, they can be challenging to execute in WWE 2K22.

The first sad note is that tag team finishers don't appear to be usable in matches that don't use traditional tag rules, so executing them in a Tornado Tag or similarly framed specialty match may not be possible.

The reason for this is that you do a tag team finisher in WWE 2K22 by first sending your opponent into the corner with your tag team partner via an Irish Whip.

The timing of the Irish Whip in WWE 2K22 can be a bit sensitive, and often you'll throw them hard without intending to. Simply try again, and try to release as quickly as possible after pressing the button and moving the control stick to trigger the move.

WWE 2K22 tag team mixed tag finisher
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FINISH THEM: The process is also the same in Mixed Tag matches

Once they're in the corner, make sure you have at least one saved up Finisher and then approach before pressing LT + A or L2 + X to do your tag team finisher.

The process is exactly the same for doing a standard double team move, but you'll simply press A or X to activate the move rather than holding down LT or L2 to make it a finisher.

In the past there had been ways to do double team finishers in other areas by having a secondary character grapple while you already had someone in a grab, but so far we haven't been able to make that happen in WWE 2K22.

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