WWE 2K22 likely adding NXT UK to this year's roster

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WWE 2K22 continues to drop new development videos, and the latest gives us some clues to what the title's roster might look like.

Check out the newest WWE 2K22 video here, and see why NXT UK is hiding in plain sight.

WATCH: Motion capture shows NXT UK superstar's move

The latest WWE 2K22 development video has been released, and this time fans get a glimpse at the motion capture process for the upcoming game.


Several different moves can be seen, as each unique maneuver needs to be captured for the game, but one big one is shown approximately 20 seconds into the video.

The move being executed is called Torpedo Moscow, and it's a signature move done exclusively by NXT UK superstar Ilja Dragunov.

WWE 2K22 roster continues to expand

While the list of confirmed names for the WWE 2K22 roster is still limited, there are signs this could be one of the biggest rosters the series has seen to date.

WWE 2K22 NXT UK roster
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TORPEDO MOSCOW: Ilja's unique maneuever was seen in the video

The previous development video showing the scans of Booker T and Ric Flair have confirmed those legends should be among the many returning to the title.

This new video showing Ilja Dragunov's move getting highlighted confirms that NXT UK will have a presence, and that means at the very least we should see top NXT UK talent like Walter, Kay Lee Ray, and others get to join the roster.