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Valorant's next Agent is a Duelist

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Valorant duelist
Credit: Riot Games

As we get closer to the end of the year, fans are anticipating the third new Agent in Valorant before 2023. Adding to the excitement is the fact that Riot Games has confirmed it will be a Duelist, the first one to be added to the game since Neon.

We've talked at length about leaks and information surrounding the mysterious Agent 24 and while it was still mere speculation, the fact that it could be a Duelist was all but certain. Now, it's 100% a reality.

Some of the other leaks pointed out that the codename for the Agent was Architect, and in a somewhat shocking twist for a tactical shooter, that it would boast bullet-resistant abilities!

Agent 24 is a Duelist

At the beginning of the year, Riot devs confirmed a total of three new Agents would be added to Valorant. First, an Initiator, which was Gekko, then came another Sentinel, Deadlock.

Naturally, fans assumed that the third and final one was going to be a Duelist, especially if we consider that the last one added was Neon in January 2022. The assumptions were correct.

You can see the direct confirmation from the devs themselves in the video below.

It's been almost two years since our last Duelist Neon joined the roster. Many of you precision ego fraggers have been asking for a new Duelist and this one's for you. This one's got a little twist that you'd never thought would make it into Valorant.

It's an interesting quote, to say the least! And it could be hinting at the fact that, as we mentioned, this new Duelist could actually have bullet-proof abilities. Or maybe, since the developing codename is Architect, we'll get to see a sort of building mechanic similar to Fortnite?

Only time will tell, one thing's for sure - the community couldn't be more excited! For more content, check out our updated Valorant Agent tier list.

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