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Valorant Agent 24: Everything you need to know

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Valorant agent 24
Credit: Riot Games

Speculation surrounding Valorant Agent 24 is at an all-time high. At the beginning of the year, Riot confirmed we'd be getting three new Agents throughout 2023, with the third and final one remaining a complete mystery until very recently.

We knew that an Initiator and a Sentinel would be released, these ended up being Gekko and Deadlock. The final Agent's role was not revealed, although we can speculate regarding what will it end up being.

Let's tell you everything we know about Valorant Agent 24 below, including release date, leaks, and more.

Valorant Agent 24 - Release date

We don't know the exact release date for Agent 24 in Valorant. We do know it'll have to come out before the end of the year as Riot promised, leaving them with a solid few months for them to do so.

For context, Gekko was released with patch 6.04 in March, while Deadlock was released with patch 7.00 just this past June. Following this logic, we may see Agent 24 around mid to late October, or possibly early November.

Valorant Agent 24 - Leaks and rumours

The most recent leaks have come from ValorLeaks, revealing the codename under which the Agent is being developed - Architect. Usually, this rarely correlates to what the character will play like but it's fun to speculate regardless.

Another rumour popped up before ValorLeaks revealed the codename of Agent 24 stating that the character would have some sort of bulletproof ability. A rather OP-sounding one considering this is a tactical shooter, right?

Is Agent 24 a Duelist?

It's safe to assume that Agent 24 will be a Duelist based on prior Agent releases. For one, the last Duelist added to the game was Neon in January 2022. Second, all other roles have gotten at least one Agent released in that timeframe (two Initiators, one Controller, and one Sentinel).

Naturally, as we have more information, we'll be updating this article accordingly. In the meantime, check out our updated Agent tier list to help you pick up a main!

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