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Valorant New Agent Architect Leaks

Valorant New Agent
Credit: Riot Games

At the beginning of the year, Riot Games promised a total of three new Agents in Valorant. With two already out, we finally got leaks regarding the third and final one, codename Architect.

We previously had some speculation regarding Agent 24, including the fact that they could have a bulletproof ability of some kind. However, thanks to the incredibly reliable ValorLeaks, we got our first piece of actual news regarding the future of Valorant's ever-expanding cast of playable characters.

First Agent 24 info leaks

If the information comes from ValorLeaks, rest assured it's going to be 99% solid. This time, he brought us the codename utilised for the Agent: Architect.

We know Valorant devs said at the beginning of the year that they would release three Agents during 2023. An Initiator, who turned out to be Gekko, a Sentinel, which was Deadlock, and a third and final one with their role yet to be revealed.

While we can still call this speculation, it's all but certain that Agent 24 is a Duelist. The last Agent that fit this category was Neon, released all the way back in January 2022, furthermore, prior to the release of Gekko earlier this year, Riot launched Harbor, a Controller.

Of course, only time will tell and as we get closer to the end of the year, we'll for sure know exactly who is Agent 24 and what role will he play in Valorant, both in terms of gameplay and story-wise.

If Architect does end up being a Duelist, it will become only the third one added post-launch, following Neon and Yoru. It would elevate the number of Duelists available to seven, making it the role with the most representatives, followed by Initiators (six). Sentinels and Controllers would remain on five Agents.

So there you have it! Are you excited for a new Agent in Valorant? For more content, check out the current Episode 7 Act 2 map rotation.

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