Valorant Gekko Full Abilities - abilities, playstyle, and more

Valorant Gekko agent 22

Valorant Gekko agent 22

Gekko was one of the most anticipated agents in Valorant. Fans speculated about his abilities for months, with numerous leaks giving us some information about them. Fortunately, Riot Games officially revealed Gekko's abilities alongside his agent trailer which was received with very positive reactions.

Gekko and his four new friends have had a huge impact since being added to the game. As of right now, he is one of the best initiator agents in Valorant, and players are having plenty of fun using him. All of Gekko's abilities are directly tied to his four companions. He uses his friends to get an advantage over the enemy and win games.

So, let's take a look at Gekko's abilities.

Valorant Gekko Full Abilities

As an initiator in the game, Gekko is someone who values information and an enemy's presence over big damage values. His kit is perfect for clearing areas, and setting up teammates when entering the bombsite. He is great at gathering information and is also very useful in post-plant situations.

So, let's check out Gekko's abilities, and why they make him one of the best agents in the game right now.

Dizzy (E)

Just like all the agents in Valorant, Gekko also has a signature ability. This signature ability doesn't cost any creds and is also rechargeable, meaning you can use it more than once per round.

In Gekko's case, this ability is called Dizzy, the name of one of his four pets. Gekko sends Dizzy soaring forward through the air. Dizzy will then charge and unleashes plasma blasts at enemies in her line of sight. The enemies that are hit by her plasma will get blinded for 2.5 seconds, which is an eternity in Valorant.

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Dizzy is one of the best recon abilities in Valorant

When Dizzy expires she reverts into a dormant globule. Gekko can then interact with it, to reclaim the globule and gain another Dizzy charge after a short cooldown.

This ability is great to gain information about where the enemies are, or to force them back. It can also be used to help your teammates gain space, being especially of great help for duelists, when they are entering the bombsite.

Wingman (Q)

Gekko Q ability is called Wingman. It's one of the most unique abilities in Valorant. That's because Gekko's can send Wingman to either plant or defuse the spike. He can also send Wingman forward to search for enemies, similar to what Skye can do with her Trailblazer ability.

Just like what happens with Dizzy, once Wingman expires, Gekko can claim its globule, and gain another charge of the ability after a short cooldown.

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You can send Wingman to plant the Spike!
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Wingman allows your team to concentrate on getting to good post-plant positions and setting up a crossfire, while he plants the spike. In retake situations, you can use him to defuse the spike, while you clear angles, and regain control of the area from your enemies. It also forces your opponents to show their position to stop the defuse, giving you plenty of free information.

Mosh Pit (C)

The following Gekko ability is called Mosh Pit. Mosh Pit is a grenade Gekko equips and throws, doing damage in the area it hits. After landing, Mosh duplicates across a large area, and after a short delay, it explodes.

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Mosh Pit is arguably the best molly in the game currently.

It's very similar to Viper Snakebite, or Brimstone Incendiary. However, it's much stronger, since it does more damage and covers a wider area.

Mosh Pit is the perfect ability to use in post-plant situations, preventing enemies from defusing the bomb. But it can also be used to clear some areas in a quick and harmless way.

Thrash (X)

Gekko Ultimate is called Thrash. It's similar to Skye Trailblazer ability since it allows him to discover enemies' locations. Enemies that are hit by Thrash are detained making them very easy to kill.

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When Gekko uses his Ultimate you better run!

It's a great ability to gain information and force enemy players to retreat to retake positions. When well used, it can win you plenty of rounds. For many players, Thrash is a very strong Ultimate and needs a slight nerf.

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