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Valorant New Agent "ISO" Character Design Leaked

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A screenshot from the Sunset trailer.
Credit: Riot Games

After weeks of rumours and speculations, we finally got our first glimpse of Agent 24, with both his name and character design leaked on social media. Agent 24 is confirmed to be a Duelist and will be the final agent to debut in the game in 2023, following the Norwegian Sentinel, Deadlock.

Riot Games is expected to launch this new Valorant Agent towards the end of the year, in Episode 7 Act 3. Riot devs have already begun rolling out early access content for influencers and content creators, and as Agent 24’s release date draws nearer, more leaks have emerged about the agent.

From the leaked in-game screenshot, Agent 24 is shaping up to be an “edgy” amalgamation between Fade and Yoru. The Valorant community has already begun to fawn over their character design, applauding Riot Games for leaning towards a darker theme.

Valorant Agent 24 name and appearance leaked

Just recently, the credible Valorant data miner, ValorantUpdated, shared the upcoming Agent's name as “ISO” along with his character design, giving us the first glimpse of Valorant's upcoming Duelist.

An image of ISO, Valorant Agent 24.
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Credit: ValorantUpdated

This initial look at ISO reveals a relaxed pose in baggy clothes and a youngish face with short, black hair. ISO exudes confidence as he strikes a stylish pose with one knee raised, one hand tucked in his grey hoodie pocket, and the other holding a gun that's emitting smoke.

It is also interesting to note that he is positioned in front of a purple polygonal shape, reminiscent of the portal-like contraption featured in the leaked "Bulletproof" player card and the in-game easter eggs placed by Riot devs across the maps. This suggests that his abilities may revolve around a reinvented mode of teleportation, as many players have speculated.

From a leaked teaser that features ISO having hot pot, fans have deduced that he originates from Asia. His exact country of origin remains unknown, but given his leaked appearance, these speculations seem to be true.

When will Valorant "ISO" be released?

During the Valorant "What's Next in 2023 // Dev Diaries" dev update video, it was revealed that three new agents will join the game's roster by the end of 2023. Gekko debuted in Episode 6 Act 2, and Deadlock joined in Episode 7 Act 1. Based on this trend of releasing two acts between each new agent, we can anticipate the new Duelist to debut in Episode 7 Act 3.

Episode 7 Act 3 is expected to launch on 31 October or 1 November 2023.

A screenshot of ISO in-game.
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Credit: ValorLeaks

The anticipation surrounding the introduction of Agent 24 is palpable within the community, and the carefully placed easter egg and subsequent leaks have ignited a fervour of speculation about the agent's abilities and potential impact on the game's meta!

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