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Valorant Agent 24 Teaser Hints at Ultimate Ability

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A screenshot of Valorant Sunset from the Sunset trailer.
Credit: Riot Games

Valorant players have stumbled upon an intriguing easter egg for the upcoming Duelist, Agent 24, and the community is buzzing with excitement about what’s to come.

During the Valorant "What's Next in 2023 // Dev Diaries" update video, it was revealed that three new agents would be joining the game's roster by the end of 2023. Alongside Gekko and the Norwegian Sentinel, Deadlock (Agent 23), the final addition is confirmed to be a Duelist agent (Agent 24)

Riot Games had maintained a tight veil of secrecy around Agent 24 until recent leaks emerged, uncovering their player card and codename. Now, concerning the easter egg, it appears that Agent 24 will have unique abilities that will most likely shake up the meta.

A teaser for the new Agent 24 showcases a purple portal

Recently, a player shared a video of a purple portal on Sunset, emitting smoke and electricity for around 20 seconds before the portal closed and disappeared. This teaser is most likely related to the new agent, as the portal corresponds to the agent’s battle pass card, “Bulletproof”.

According to credible Valorant leaker, Valorleaks, this easter egg is most likely connected to the new agent’s ultimate ability.

A screenshot of Valorant Agent 24 in-game teaser.
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Credit: ValorLeaks

Fans quickly dived into theories about what this ability might entail. One of the most prevalent speculations is that the new agent will have the ability to teleport, similar to Omen or Yoru, in addition to becoming bulletproof.

Some noted that the portal looked similar to Phoenix’s active ult, leading to speculation that the new agent can enter a bulletproof state while using this portal as an anchor when the state ends or after it is destroyed by the enemy team.

Others pondered the possibility of it being a portal that you can fire through. The portal would run in a straight line and could traverse walls, enabling you to launch projectiles into it, such as a Raze grenade or Sova recon dart. There's also speculation that this contraption will enable Agent 24 to phase through walls.

The anticipation surrounding the introduction of Agent 24 is palpable within the community, and the carefully placed easter egg and subsequent leaks have ignited a fervour of speculation about the agent's abilities and potential impact on the game's meta! Stay tuned as we update our "Everything you need to know about Agent 24" article when more information is released!

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