UFC 4 Update 4.13 Patch Notes: Ratings revealed for Islam and Prime Icons

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The latest UFC 4 update we've received is Version 4.13 and we now know that it brought more ratings and the Prime Icons into the game.

We also received an additional character to play as in UFC 4 and some awesome card customization.

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Let's take a look at the most recent UFC 4 update and what we received in the patch.


UFC 4 Update: Patch Notes Version 4.13

In this UFC 4 update, we received a couple of big additions, still, the download size isn't too overwhelming for systems, coming in at about 5.09 GB on Xbox Series X|S.

If you haven't downloaded it yet, you'll want to soon because some legends are being added into the game in the form of Prime Icons. You'll also get new card customization and vanity in the latest update as well.

UFC 4 update Michael Bisping
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THE COUNT: Download the UFC 4 update and start fighting with Michael Bisping

Bisping isn't the only legend being added to the Prime Icons UFC 4 roster, there are actually six total Prime Icons being added and the introduction of a fan favorite.


Prime Icons Added to UFC 4

With the latest UFC 4 update we received six Prime Icons that cover all different weight classes. If you weren't excited about the roster before, you definitely will be now.

These icons have each been considered some of the best to ever set foot in the octogan and one of them is considered the best in UFC history.

Here's the entire list of Prime Icons added to UFC 4:

  • Anderson Silva - 5 Star - Middleweight
  • Alistair Overeem - 5 Star - Heavyweight
  • Khabib Nurmagomedov - 5 Star - Lightweight
  • Joanna Jedrzejczyk - 5 Star - Strawweight
  • Georges St-Pierre - 5 Star - Welterweight
  • Michael Bisping - 5 Star - Middleweight

Islam Makhachev Added to UFC 4

After the community begged for his addition, the latest UFC 4 update brought fans Islam Makhachev to the roster.

After you perform the download you'll be able to play with him starting today! Also, his ratings have been revealed as well!

UFC 4 Update Islam Makhachev
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NEW ADDITION: Play with Islam Makhachev after you download the latest update

Let's take a look at the ratings for Islam Makhachev in UFC 4:

  • Islam Makhachev - 4 Star - Lightweight
    • Health - 4 Stars
    • Striking - 4 Stars
    • Grappling - 4.5 Stars

Download the UFC 4 update to start fighting with Islam Makhachev TODAY!