UFC 4 Prime Icons: GOAT fighters arrive in Update 4.13

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After a long quiet period in UFC 4, some new content has finally arrived in Update 4.13, which includes massive roster changes, new additions to the roster, and Prime icons bringing back some of the sport's greatest legends!

Here's the full list of UFC 4 Prime Icons so far, and everything Update 4.13 brings to the octagon on all platforms.

LATEST - First Batch of Prime Icons Now Live in Update 4.13

UFC 4 Update 4.13 has finally arrived, and with it comes the first group of Prime Icons and plenty of roster changes including the addition of Islam Makachev after his devastating win over Dan Hooker at UFC 267.

These Prime Icons include the following legends, all coming to the UFC 4 roster as 5-star fighters:

  • Khabib Nurmagomedov
  • George St-Pierre (GSP)
  • Anderson Silva
  • Michael Bisping
  • Joanna Jedrzejczyk
  • Alistair Overeem

Release Date

UFC 4 Prime Icons arrived in Update 4.13, which went live on Thursday, November 4th.

We'll get our first look at the update in full thanks to a reveal from EA at 10am PST on Thursday, November 4th - so stay tuned and we'll update here with all of the latest info!

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Prime Icons Predictions

UFC 4 Prime Icons will be a fantastic opportunity to recapture some of the sports GOATs without taking development time away from the upcoming UFC 5.

UFC 4 Khabib Nurmagomedov Daniel Poirier
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GO TIME: Prime Icons will soon arrive, and that means some GOATS will soon join the roster

While we may be a long way out from UFC 5 now, we still don't expect many new models to be added to UFC 4 as part of the Prime Icons.

With that said, here are our predictions for which fighters will make the cut as Prime Icons in UFC 4, either in Update 4.13 or in the future.

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Khabib is a very easy prediction to make considering he's already the face of the advertisement for the Prime Icons. And there's a reason he's the face of the update.

UFC 4 Khabib Nurmagomedov Prime Icons
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THE EAGLE: Khabib Nurmagomedov leads the UFC 4 Prime Icons set

Khabib's career accolades remain unmatched in MMA, and his wrestling techniques honed MMA's most successful weapon to a whole different level.

Expect the Eagle of Dagestan to fly once more, smeshing all competition, and proving why he was able to retire at the top undefeated, a feat never duplicated in the sport.

Anderson Silva

Longtime UFC fans know just how incredible Anderson Silva was in his prime, following up on his already massively successful time in PRIDE.

UFC 4 Anderson Silva
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THE SPIDER: Silva's striking was miles above any competition in his era

Anderson Silva's Muay Thai, Boxing, and Taekwondo prowess set an unreachable bar for the Middleweight division during his reign, and time would be the only real opponent that would take Silva out in the end.

With the UFC 4 Prime Icons, we expect Anderson Silva to make the cut, and return to the form players will have seen in previous UFC games like UFC Undisputed.

George St-Pierre (GSP)

George "Rush" St-Pierre (more commonly referred to as GSP) is a household name among MMA fans and an even bigger legend in the eyes of those that watched during his era.

GSP UFC 3 roster EA
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RUSH: GSP personified MMA by honing all areas of the sport during his reign

GSP brought a whole new evolution to MMA through his time in the UFC, being the first fighter to truly adopt a multi-disciplinary fighting style looking to hone his skills across all areas.

It was with this variety of strengths that GSP absolutely dominated the UFC Welterweight division for years at his peak, and even pushed him to return years later to take yet another title, this time the UFC Middleweight Championship, before retiring once again.

Jon Jones

While Jones remains the most controversial name in MMA and UFC history, his absolute dominance over the Light Heavyweight division is still nothing to sell short.

UFC 4 Jon Jones
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BONES: Despite all of his mistakes outside of the cage, Jones' 11 defenses solidify his GOAT status

Jon Jones managed 11 Light Heavyweight title defenses in his UFC career, and never lost the belt in the octagon (only ever being stripped or giving it back in retirement).

Jones may not be an Icon outside of the Octagon, but inside, Bones should be back at his true prime with the UFC 4 Icons.

Demetrious Johnson

Mighty Mouse may now fight in ONE FC after the UFC made a once in history trade with the company for Ben Askren, but Demetrious Johnson's status as an MMA GOAT is without question.

UFC 3 Demetrious Johnson Mighty Mouse
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MIGHTY MOUSE: DJ has to have a spot in the UFC 4 Prime Icons

Johnson's iron hold on the UFC's newly created Flyweight division was truly something to behold, a fighter with no apparent weaknesses and strengths no matter where his fights went.

Considered by many to be the pound-for-pound best fighter in UFC history, Mighty Mouse is absolutely deserving of the spot as a UFC 4 Icon.

Other Possible Fighters


While these 5 should without a doubt be the first UFC 4 Prime Icons selected by EA, that doesn't mean other fighters don't deserve a slot as well.

UFC 2 Ronda Rousey Conor McGregor cover
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UNDISPUTED: Rousey and McGegor rank among history's finest

With that, here are some more fighters we'd love to see included in the UFC 4 Prime Icons list:

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