UFC 4 update brings a man of Action into the octagon

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ufc 4

The last update for the UFC 4 roster brought Li Jingliang and Sodiq Yusuff into the game.

This month, they added a brand new face to the fight game. Some of you may know him from his popularity in music.

Others might know him from his show "F*ck That's Delicious", but now you'll know him as a playable character.

Who's this mystery man UFC 4 has added to the roster? Find out below!

UFC 4 adds a new fighter to the roster

Action Bronson, the rapper, musician, food guru, and all-around entertainer steps into the octagon in UFC 4.

Action Bronson stands with his hand raised as he's introduced.
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ACTION: Rapper Action Bronson is a playable character in UFC 4

Bronson made the announcement on his Instagram page, to his over two million followers.

This has been a long road for Bronson, whose weight-loss journey is nothing short of remarkable.

Getting to know Action Bronson

For those unfamiliar, Action Bronson has been a big name in the music industry but has evolved to something else entirely.

Not only does he still delight fans of his music, he now entertains food lovers with his own show.

Bronson has been on a weight-loss journey for some time and gets some reassurance with his addition to the UFC 4 roster.

Unlocking the Action

The great news is all it takes to unlock Action Bronson is downloading the new update for UFC 4.

The entertainer has been a fan of MMA for a long time, and you can see he's turning into a fan favorite in the game.

Rapper Action Bronson celebrates a knockout victory in UFC 4
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KNOCKOUT: Action Bronson is a favorite among UFC 4 players

UFC 4 made significant updates along with bringing Bronson to the roster, and it's nice to see EA Sports listening to fans' suggestions and making changes.

UFC 4 Fighter Update Patch Notes (July 8, 2021)

Online Worlds Championships mode will be entering its ninth season, making it a great time for an update.

Kamaru Usman delivers a devastating left hook
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PATCHED: UFC 4 Update brings a new player and bug fixes

Here's some of what you can expect from the new UFC 4 update:

  • Fixed issue where body crane kicks could track side lunges.
  • Fixed issue in crucifix, that allowed submission entries to override transitions.
  • Slightly decreased the strength of the following submissions:
    • Rear Naked Choke from Back Sitting
    • Armbar from Postured Full Mount
    • Armbar from Full Mount
    • Triangle Armbar from Full Mount
    • Armbar from Side Saddle
    • Arm Triangle from Side Saddle
    • North South Choke from North South
    • Windshield Choke from North South
    • Gogoplata from Rubber Guard
  • Moderately decreased the strength of the Gogoplata from Full Mount.
  • Severely decreased the strength of the Guillotines from the Clinch.

We could hear more about future updates to UFC 4 at the upcoming EA Play Live event, and you can check out all the latest and how to watch here.

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