The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey To Batuu Game Pack Review – Missions, Lightsabers, Droids, Build/Buy, CAS & more

The Sims community might be anxious for news on The Sims 5, but EA has had other things on their mind!

The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu was released on 8 September, made up of new CAS and Build options, as usual, as well as a new vacation world and missions!

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Keep reading to find out what we made of it.



When starting the game, the player should get a call inviting them to come on an adventure.

That adventure is the world of Batuu and the first place you’ll arrive is an outpost.

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CIVIL WAR: There are three rival factions battling it out in Batuu


Here you’ll discover three factions, the Scoundrels, the First Order, and the well-known Resistance.

These groups intend to take over Batuu due to its potential as a trading outpost.

Build/Buy & CAS

The new content for build/buy in this pack are insanely detailed and the textures are brilliant.

As this pack is based around Star Wars, a lot of the items are hard to place in a ‘normal’ home.

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Though there are some pieces that look modern and I’d love to use in a city apartment.

CAS options for this pack are beautiful, some are very Sci-fi based but there are some pieces that paired with the right stuff will have a bit of a boho feel!



You’ll be offered missions which will raise your reputation with each faction.

These missions can include spying, collecting, repairing, sabotaging and even flying starships.

I found the missions to actually be really enjoyable but found my sims quickly becoming tense or very tense which would slow my progression.

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NO SUCH THING AS LUCK: Carve out your own reputation through completing missions


It was a lot of stopping and starting but this also kind of forced me to have fun in Batuu which I’m not usually great at in The Sims.

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Doing things like hacking panels also increases your sims’ programming skill, so through doing missions I was sort of getting a reward.

Eating different meals in Batuu can also result in you learning the recipe too!


Lightsabers, the staple of the Star Wars series are now in the game.

Sim’s ability to use them are determined by fitness.

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THIS WEAPON IS YOUR LIFE: You can create your very own lightsaber in the new DLC


The player will have to collect Kyber Crystals and use them to create a Lightsaber.

You can use them to duel with other sims! No more petty slapping, instead an epic battle.


Time to get your own little R2D2, your sims will be able to purchase a Droid to help them along their missions.

Droids can create distractions and help you with repairs.

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BEEP BOOP: Beep boop, beep beep boop


You can find the Droids at the Droid Depot, here you can buy one as well as upgrades like personality chips and customising their colour!

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There are both the R-series (R2D2) and BB-8 Droids, as in BB-8 from the latest films.

Final Verdict

The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu was a brand-new experience and very different from the mundane.

As a massive Star Wars lover, I was ecstatic when this pack was announced!

Unfortunately, it isn’t an expansion that will appeal to everyone due to being based around a film franchise, but I think players should give the pack a chance!

Overall, the pack brings new life to the game and this gives an outlook into what could come for The Sims 4 in the future and even The Sims 5.


  • A new world to explore
  • Three mission quest lines with factions
  • Lightsabers and Droids


  • Targeted mostly at Star Wars lovers
  • Having to travel using your phone impacting immersion
  • CAS/Build items are hard to integrate into everyday life



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