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NHL 22: Closed Beta has closed, here's when you can play again

With NHL 22 now having an official release date, excitement is continuing to build for this year's release.

We got our first look at NHL 22 during the Closed Technical Test, now that it's over, we'll have to wait a while before playing again.

UPDATED - Beta no longer available

The Closed Technical Test for NHL 22 began on August 30th, 2021, and concluded on September 5th, 2021.

The game required extra space to download on next gen consoles which means some incredible graphics are on the way.


Now that the beta has closed, players won't have a chance to play the game for some time. The next time they should be able to play is during the EA Play Trial, which usually occurs a week before the game releases.

If you aren't an EA Play subscriber, you can pre order the X-Factor Edition of NHL 22 for three days of Early Access.


PS5 beta confirms first next gen NHL title

In addition, another report by @PlaystationSize spotted NHL 22 on PS5, where it's apparently been dubbed the "Ackee Beta," and the NHL 22 beta has a download size there of nearly 38gb so far.

This was the first indication that NHL 22 would be headed to next gen platforms, which has since been confirmed following the game's reveal trailer.

NHL 22 beta water buffalo ackee EA Play Live watch now stream
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Unfortunately, we can't reveal much of what we experienced during the NHL 22 Closed Technical Test, but we can say that players will be excited to play this year.

The gameplay felt very smooth and we hope to have a full review during the EA Play Trial.