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Xbox Series X: Uses less power than current-gen!

Microsoft's next-gen console the Xbox Series X is less than a month away, and product testers are putting the machine through its paces.

With unbelieveable specs, the Series X is the most powerful gaming console ever. Which surely means it will be a drain on your electricity bill too, right?

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Xbox Series X uses less power

The console might provide a superior gaming experience, but that doesn't mean it will chew through more power.

In testing against the Xbox One X, Tweakers, a German site, found that the Series X uses remarkably less power than one would think.

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When compared to a One X, the Series X comes across as a leap forward in many areas, not least its power consumption.


On the dashboard the Series X uses 50W, compared to the One X's 52W. That's not huge, but in sleep mode there is a big difference. The Series X uses just 28W where the One X needs 43W.

Given that the Series X can retain quick resume even when off, that's a remarkable difference.

Gameplay is a similar story. the Series X only used 128W of power while the One X used 180W.

Less power, less heat

There had been worries that the Series X would also run hot, but those have been dispelled.

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It turns out that the Series X actually runs COLDER than the One X too!

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That's not to say it will be cold, but the Series X doesn't overheat nearly as readily as many had feared.


Worth the upgrade

All of this, combined with the 4K gameplay, the 120fps options games will be capable of, and the quick loading makes it well worth upgrading to the Series X.

If you can get hold of one that is...

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