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Xbox Series X: Tests reveal just how hot the next-gen console gets

Microsoft's new console is less than a month away now, and some are already testing the amazing Xbox Series X out and discovering very useful bits of information.

In development, there had been fears that the Series X would run very hot. After all the Xbox One X and older Xbox One's are pretty notorious for kicking out a lot of heat.

With more raw power than any console on earth, surely the Series X would do the same. Well, maybe not.

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Xbox Series X testing

Gamers are used to consoles running hot, especially now that many are years old and have been kept in dusty TV stands.

It looks like the Series X won't suffer from that (And not just because it's too tall for most TV stands).

Some early reviews like Twitch streamer Stallion83 said the machine ran hotter than expected after a solid gaming session.

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NOT THAT BAD: The Xbox isn't that big, but you'll need to lie it down in most TV stands

But new tests reveal that might not be the case.


German website Tweakers (translated via Tom's Guide) put the Xbox Series X through its paces to see if it really did run hot.

The bench mark for these tests was the Xbox One X, and the results were surprising.

Series X not hot

Despite reports the console could run quite hot, the Series X came out cooler in Tweakers' comparison testing.

Using a thermal camera, they didn’t record temperatures higher than 48 Celsius (118.4 Fahrenheit) for the Series X. The Xbox One X, on the other hand, reached up to 65 Celsius (149 Fahrenheit).

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Not only that but the Series X ran QUIETER too!

They measured 25dB during gameplay and 24dB on the menus for the Series X, compared to 38dB in gameplay and 27dB on menus for the One X.


Xbox Series X release & price

All of this makes the Series X well worth the price if you can get your hands on one.

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LIFTING THE CURTAIN: The Series X insides are a sight to behold

Every pre-order is taken, though more stock seems promised when the console releases on 10 November.

At $499/£449 it is a pricy bit of kit, but what else would you expect from the most powerful games console ever?

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