Xbox Series X Dashboard – Microsoft’s latest console runs at 1080p as opposed to PS5’s 4K

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Comparisons are flying in the run up to the release of next-gen consoles.

The most recent being both consoles’ dashboards, which maintain the same difference as with last gen.

The PS5’s UI, like the PS4 Pro, runs at native 4K whereas the Xbox Series X UI runs at 1080p.

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Let’s take a look at what people make of this distinction, and what it means for you.


The Big Difference

The major difference is the resolutions between the next-gen consoles’ UIs.

Whilst this may not seem like much of a deal, visual standards are moving fast and people are not impressed with Microsoft’s outdated offering.

xbox series x ui
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FULL HD: The Xbox Series X UI runs at FHD 1080p

Current-gen Sony hardware possesses the ability to operate a 4K native signal across the dashboard and in-game, so it comes as no surprise that John Linneman deemed this as “not acceptable”.


What is the reason?

Microsoft have reportedly done this in order to maintain the amount of RAM available for game.

With the dashboard forming a relatively small part of the gaming experience, this seems like a sensible move from the Xbox team.

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LOOKING GOOD: The PS5's UI runs in full 4K UHD resolution

However, with Sony’s offering capable of 4K across the board without the need to sacrifice in-game performance, it’s hard to see why Microsoft have gone for this option.


What does this mean for you?

It simply means the dashboard of your console of choice will be a different resolution to its counterpart.

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The difference will have no effect, really, on wider console performance.

There is the possibility for the jarring resolution to impact your game immersion, but we’re sure titles like DIRT 5 and Halo Infinite will keep you sufficiently glued to your screens.

Next-Gen release date

The Xbox Series X is scheduled for a launch on November 10, whereas the PS5 will launch on 12 November, or 19 November for those in the UK.


Both consoles boast a similar price range, with the Series X and disc-version of the PS5 costing £449.

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If this is a stretch, the Series S and PS5 digital version will be £249 and £359.99 respectively.