PS5 Specs Leak: Yet ANOTHER mysterious message, March Reveal Event, Rumours and more

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News on the upcoming PS5 has been fairly quiet recently, even more so due to the unfortunate impact of COVID-19 on industries, events and individuals around the world.

That said, there is allegedly a PS5 Reveal Event going ahead tomorrow at 4 pm (GMT), so do not miss that!

However it appears that fans have something to be happy about - or at least analyse within an inch of its life.

A mysterious image was posted on NeoGAF by a certified developer (username - o'dium) and it has got people talking.

Let's take a look and decipher what this could mean for the upcoming PS5!

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A LITTLE BIRDIE TOLD ME: The cryptic message is believed to hold information on PS5 Specs (Image credit: NeoGAF)

The image shows a bird carrying an envelope and one of the first things people saw was that it was addressed to PS5 boss Mark Cerney.

The unusual conversation below this mysterious messenger is between the bird and Cerney.

People have 'pecked' apart the image focusing on the address and the number of 'Coos' in the picture.

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SEARCHING FOR CLUES: Various spec leaks have flown around since PS5's announcement

One user's breakdown explains that the 52 'coos' represent 52 CUs. He goes on and suggests that the second line of 'coos' also holds significance.

They are divided into four groups arranged in a specific pattern (1,7,4,3) - in other words, 1743MHz.

The rest of the riddle is claimed to reveal the console will have an 11.6 TF GPU.


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A machine with an 11.06 teraflop GPU, 52 CUs, clocked at 1743 MHz - sounds interesting especially compared to the Xbox Series X (which has 12 teraflop GPU).

Does this mean the PS5 is coming in slightly behind? Time will tell - keep checking in for more updates as we get them!

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