PS5: How will PS Plus work on Next-Gen? PS Plus, PS Now, Price, Games, Compatibility & more

The PS Plus membership has been a highlight of the PlayStation user experience since it's inception.

Sony's recent monthly campaigns have included the entire Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Bioshock: The Collection, keeping the entire community on its toes with the titles included.

However, with the PS5's launch just on the horizon, we are beginning to question how the monthly campaign will shape up on next-gen.

There are a whole host of issues that need addressing, ranging from the compatibility of current-gen games on the PS5 all the way to the pricing of such a subscription.

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PS Plus and PS Now

Sony has isolated itself so far in the next-gen war with its dumbfounding marketing strategy.

horizon zero dawn
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A NEW DAWN: Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the games we've predicted to see in April's PS Plus Campaign

While this may have been done in an effort to force Microsoft to reveal the price of their next-gen console, it has mostly been paying off for the Xbox Series X.

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With Microsoft in a state of flow at this point (and having snubbed Sony as their main competition), Sony might have to make some drastic improvements to its premium services to secure more gamers.


Following a brief statement from Sony's Chief Financial Officer, we heard that it could cost around £450.

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FRONTMAN: In a recent investors call, Hiroki Totoki discussed how affordability was of paramount importance to Sony

Putting it bluntly, the current prices of either subscription plan, in addition to launch games and other hardware being purchased, will end up costing upwards of £600, which is pretty damn steep.

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Following last week's bizarre deep-dive on the PS5's hardware, Sony could do a lot to reconfigure the way PS Plus and PS Now operate and provide us with a statement.

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