PS5 Official Reveal: Did Xbox Series X specs confirm any PS5 rumours? Price, Graphics, Power, Speed, Design & more

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Ever since their 2019 announcements, Sony's PS5 and Microsoft's Xbox Series X have been pitted against each other in what is being called the 'next-gen console war'.

Before Microsoft recently revealed their full specifications, it was well documented that both consoles would be seeing major graphical and systematic upgrades.

Important GPU information about both consoles was leaked in a forum back in December 2019, and it turns out that the figures given for Xbox Series X's hardware were very accurate.

Continue below as we dig deeper on this leak, which has now been proven to be completely accurate for the upcoming Xbox.

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Thanks to the recent reveal of Xbox Series X's full specs, we now know that Xbox gamers will be treated to a powerful Zen 2 CPU, 16 GB RAM, and a fast SSD.

Xbox One Controllers
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Breaking this down further, the GPU part will offer 52 compute units (CUs) and 12.15 TFLOPS @1.825 GHz.

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Ironically, these figures may have just inadvertently confirmed the PS5’s GPU performance, thanks to the forum member that leaked the information in December.

PS5's December 2019 Specs Leak

The post (from back in December) actually stated that the Microsoft console would feature "52 active CUs at 1.82 GHz and 12.1 TFLOPS".


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As you can see from the specifications listed above, the NeoGAF forum member hit the nail on the head with these figures, but where it gets interesting is that the GPU specs for the PS5 were also provided.

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According to the post, the PS5’s RDNA 2-based GPU will come with "52 active CUs as well but will clock at a higher rate of 2.0 GHz."

Now, where the PS5 will out-perform Xbox Series X is with its GPU compute performance, which was stated as "13.3 TFLOPS".

"The most powerful console ever"

It must be said that leaks must always be taken with a pinch of salt, but the Xbox Series X full specs reveal did a lot to add credibility to the December specs leak.

So, while Xbox Series X is being called “the most powerful Xbox console ever”, there's a good chance that the PS5 could be crowned as "the most powerful console ever" by this evening.