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PlayStation Plus: Destruction Allstars to be added in February 2021 after delay

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Previously announced as a title for release in November of 2020, Destruction Allstars is delayed until 2021.

The game is now scheduled for a release early next year, with February announced as the release month.

Excitingly, the game will be a PS Plus title for two months!

Let’s jump into the reasons for the delay, and what this means for those who are excited to play the game.

Destruction Allstars

Sony had originally planned the game to be a launch title for the PlayStation 5, as can be seen by the initial launch date of November of this year.

destruction allstars
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CARNAGE: The new game is set to be a smashing time!

As a multiplayer game, and with terrific visuals, the game will take full advantage of the PS5’s impressive hardware.

Upon its release in February 2021, the game will feature as a PS Plus game for two months.

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Future plans

The team behind the game have said that there are new details of the game releasing next week.

This includes a brand-new trailer, which we hope will include new gameplay as well as gameplay features.

Next week we will also see the release of new details pertaining to the game, although we don't know what these details may be.

The new Fall Guys?

When released, Fall Guys was also free for PS Plus users.

destruction allstars ps5 image
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IMPRESSIVE VISUALS: The game will look amazing on next-gen hardware

With the same hectic, multiplayer feel, could we be seeing the latest Fall Guys on our hands?

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We sure hope so, and we also can’t wait to get busy destroying our mates in the new game come February!

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