PS5's answer to Xbox Games Pass hinted at by Sony CEO

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The dust has settled after the chaos that was the PS5 launch days. If you were lucky enough to bag yourself a console, then this news will make your day even better...

That's because it looks like Sony might have a Game Pass style service in the pipeline! Keep reading to find out more.

Xbox Games Pass

In the ongoing debate of PS5 vs Xbox Series X, one key aspect that keeps getting brought up is the Xbox Game Pass.

The subscription service is going from strength to strength, adding the likes of EA Play and over a hundred high-quality games to its books.

Xbox Game Pass Release Date
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COUNTDOWN: Game Pass will be arriving in December 2020

It was beginning to look like Sony had really dropped the ball on this one...until now.

Jim Ryan hints at PS5 answer

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan recently spoke with Russian news outlet TASS about the next-gen console launch.

When explicitly asked if PlayStation will have a response to Microsoft's Game Pass, Ryan stated:

"There is actually news to come, but just not today. We have PlayStation Now which is our subscription service, and that is available in a number of markets."

PS Now PS5
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MORE TO COME: Does Ryan hint at a possible expansion of PlayStation Now?

Although Ryan doesn't give much away, he does confirm that there is more to come from the PS5's subscription service!

Whether this is an expansion on PlayStation now or a new service altogether is yet to be seen, but with so many gamers yet to make the jump to next-gen, could the new development sway the next-gen argument in the PS5's favour?

Launch Day Mayhem

Evidently, if you haven't managed to secure a PS5 yet, this new development might make that sting even worse. But don't think you're alone, as countless gamers were left frustrated and angry with the online launch of the console in the UK.


The demand for the new console was so large, that the influx of customers crashed every online retail page that had stock - yes, even Amazon!

PS stock Amazon crash
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SELL OUT: Amazon's PS5 stock sold out in a few minutes

If there's one piece of good news to take from this, it's that with such high demand for the console, Sony is sure to be working on solutions to get out more stock.

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