NBA 2K24 is the second-worst-rated game of all-time on Steam

NBA 2K24

NBA 2K24

Since its release, NBA 2K24 has faced a lot of criticism. The game reviews haven't been kind, and the 2K community is very upset and disappointed with this new title. Despite many new features, the game failed to deliver a good gaming and immersive experience.

So, it's not a huge surprise to see that NBA 2K24 has officially entered the Steam Hall Of Shame. This list ranks the worst games on the platform by user reviews, and NBA 2K24 has an impressive "Overwhelmingly Negative" rating.

Without further ado, let's see why NBA 2K24 is ranked so low by Steam users.

NBA 2K24 disregarded PC players

Steam is a video game distribution service for PCs, and it's where most PC gamers buy their titles. So, it's not a surprise that the majority of NBA 2K fans from PC acquired the game through the platform.

Most fans were faced with disappointing news when 2K revealed that the PC version would continue to be considered old-gen. This meant that all the new features 2K introduced and spoke highly about, as well as the current-gen graphics, wouldn't be making their way to the PC version.

This alone was a good reason for the low rating that Steam users gave NBA 2K24. However, that isn't all, as the game was released on PC with a lot of bugs.

NBA 2K24 Steam page
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The users' reviews of NBA 2K24 on Steam are not that great.

To make things worse, some of the badges that were removed in this edition are still featured on the PC version, you don't have a storyline in MyCAREER, and you can't refund the game. However, what made its way into the game were the new ways of microtransactions.

PC players were given a game with no new features, no graphics improvements, and more microtransactions than ever before. Oh, and they couldn't refund the game, even with Steam having a refunding policy, and players fulfilling its requirements.

Put all of this together, and it's easy to see why from 2820 user reviews, only 11% are positive. 2K doesn't really care about PC players and it seems that PC gamers have had enough of it.

The game is a microtransaction hell

As mentioned above, NBA 2K24 has plenty of microtransactions. It's easily among the most "pay-to-win" sports games ever, and that isn't something fans are really happy about.

In a way, PC fans felt disrespected about the fact they don't get any new features, but that 2K still wants them to spend more money than in previous editions.

NBA 2K24 attributes menu
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Get ready to spend a lot of money to upgrade your character in NBA 2K24.

NBA 2K24 is far from being a good game in the current-gen consoles. But in old-gen consoles, and especially the PC, the game is awful. It offers nothing new compared to its previous two editions and delivers an even worse gaming experience.

So, being the second-worst-rated game of all time on Steam seems appropriate. Hopefully, 2K will hear the PC community, and make the necessary changes for NBA 2K25.

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