NBA 2K23 Tracy McGrady Takeover Event: How to earn a free Dark Matter card

NBA 2K23 Tracy McGrady Takeover Event

NBA 2K23 Tracy McGrady Takeover Event

NBA 2K23 hasn't stopped releasing new content. Plenty of new packs, and events have made their way to the game as of late. It's one of the ways the 2K developers found to make the game feel fresh.

The most recent event to arrive at MyTEAM is the Tracy McGrady Takeover one. This event gives players something new to play for, even if most of them are only thinking about NBA 2K24.

Players can earn a total of nine different Tracy McGrady cards for free. There is even a 99 OVR Dark Matter card for the taking.

So, let's find out everything about the NBA 2K23 Tracy McGrady Takeover Event.

Tracy McGrady Takeover Event

The Tracy McGrady Takeover Event offers players the chance to earn some great cards. Furthermore, it makes it very simple to acquire them.

Players just need to win games across the MyTEAM game modes. Excluding the challenges and the Play With Friends modes. Victories in those two don't count for the event.

Once they win a game, players will receive one Tracy McGrady Takeover pack. Inside that pack will be one of the nine cards included in the event.

Among those cards, there is a fantastic 99 OVR Dark Matter Tracy McGrady. This is the card everyone wants to have.

NBA 2K23 Tracy McGrady Takeover Event
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Here are all the cards included in the Tracy McGrady Takeover Event

It possesses great attributes and incredible badges. Furthermore, it's a perfect card to help players progress through the Season 8 reward ladder.

Because of that, it's safe to say this is one of the best NBA 2K23 events. It provides players with great content, that is easily accessible.

This event is also a breath of fresh air for the MyTEAM game mode. It adds some exciting content, in a phase where the game needs it the most.

The Tracy McGrady Takeover Event will be live until July 10.

So, make sure you win as many games as possible until then. This way, you will have a great chance of securing all nine cards.

New NBA 2K23 End Game pack

A brand new End Game pack has just arrived at Myteam, and it's called the Shaquille O’Neal End Game pack. This pack brings five incredible players, that will surely help you improve your starting lineup.

NBA 2K23 Shaquille O’Neal End Game pack
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The End Game series contains the best cards in NBA 2K23. That's because the players have a 99 OVR, and their badges are all Hall of Fame tier. So, it's easy to see why NBA 2K23 users are so excited about this new pack.

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