NBA 2K22 Update 1.008 Patch Notes may address MyCAREER bugs (October 7)

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NBA 2K22 Update 1.008 has arrived on next gen platforms, and it looks like they're remedying a few major bugs plaguing MyCAREER.

We've got all the details on NBA 2K22 Update 1.008 including the latest on Patch Notes and more.

NBA 2K22 Update 1.008 Patch Notes aim at MyCAREER (October 7)

While official patch notes for NBA 2K22 Update 1.008 weren't released by 2K as a Courtside Report, we know the update has gone live on both PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

It's just 322.7 MB in size on PS5, and likely similar on Xbox Series X|S. Oddly enough, an approximately 959.8 MB update also hit PC, despite PC not being considered next gen by 2K.

NBA 2K22 Update 1.008
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BREAKING: Things were fixed, we think, hopefully, theoretically

Prior to official news on what was being fixed this time, multiple users on Reddit had been reporting that a major MyCAREER error has disappeared since the update, primarily that they would be kicked back to the dashboard or get a black screen after each MyCAREER game.


We now have confirmation of that as 2K Sports has shared a simple tweet with this as the only Patch Notes we have for NBA 2K22 Update 1.008:

"We have addressed an issue reported by members in the community where the game could hang upon completion of MyCAREER or MyNBA/based games."

It looks like this is the only thing they addressed in the latest update, but it makes sense as this game-breaking issue has been plaguing and frustrating users.

Additional stability could be included, hopefully more updates on the way

While we don't know for sure, it's possible that the latest NBA 2K22 Update on Next Gen also had some deeper stability and performance improvements which didn't merit a mention.

Another NBA 2K22 Update was just released earlier this week on Current Gen, and it took aim at a handful of issues and bugs.

On top of that, the Current Gen Patch Update 1.4 made two key changes: slightly increased the ball drop speed in MyTEAM, and changed Perfect Release SFX to have more descriptive names.

We haven't been able to confirm yet, but those changes may have been included in this NBA 2K22 Update on Next Gen as well.

We don't know when the next NBA 2K22 update will land, but there are still major bugs affecting some players, so there's no doubt 2K has more to do.