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NBA 2K22: Update Version 1.4 Patch Notes for October 5, 2021

The latest NBA 2K22 update is now live on current gen with PS4 and Xbox One getting a series of bug fixes according to the latest patch notes.

We've got all the details on this NBA 2K22 update so you can see what's been fixed and take note of whether the issue you're facing is still without a remedy.

NBA 2K22: Update Version 1.4 Patch Notes for Current Gen on October 5, 2021

The latest NBA 2K22 update is showing as Version 1.04 on PS4 consoles right now, and comes in at a whopping 28.352 GB, with reports it's up to 33 GB on Xbox One.

NBA 2K22 update version 1.04 patch notes october 5
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UPGRADE TIME: Current Gen is getting some fixes finally

Despite the size, many of the changes may have been deeply under the surface, as the Version 1.4 Patch Notes for this NBA 2K22 update aren't too extensive:

  • Continued stability and performance improvements have been made to enhance the overall experience.
  • You now have the ability to obtain Skill Boosts directly from your in-game phone no matter where you are on the Cruise Ship.
  • Perfect Release SFX now have descriptive names to make equipping them a more simplified process.
  • Zoom adjustments to the Broadcast camera, based on community feedback.
  • Addressed an issue where the user would sometimes appear over the ocean when accepting an invite to the Cruise Ship.
  • Slightly increased the ball drop speed in MyTEAM.

These patch notes were initially based on the r/NBA2K subreddit, as the official tweet by the NBA 2K account on Twitter included a broken link.

However, we can now confirm via this Patch Updates report on the 2K site that these Patch Notes are official for Current Gen Patch Update 1.4.

Xbox shutdown bug still unaddressed for NBA 2K22

One thing that remains noticeably absent from this NBA 2K22 update and the Next Gen one that came out not too long ago is any mention of the issues plaguing Xbox users.

The dreaded Xbox shutdown bug has been affecting users heavily in NBA 2K22, especially when playing in The Rec, where the game spontaneously bumps to the dashboard or shuts off the console entirely.

There are indications this isn't solely an NBA 2K22 problem, with Xbox Support previously commenting on the issue and reports that players are seeing similar problems in Madden 22, FIFA 22, and even Splitgate.


However, it's still an issue users keep bringing up, as we've now had updates come and go on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S without a mention of the problem.

At the very least, 2K Sports may want to clarify that the issue lies with Microsoft and Xbox, because as of right now it's likely driving Xbox users away from continuing to play NBA 2K22.