NBA 2K24: How to create the best jumpshot

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NBA 2K24 jumpshot menu

The NBA 2K24 offers various shots for player builds in MyPlayer. In case you are a beginner and never played an NBA 2K game before, you will need to learn everything about the controls. Also, you have to know how to create the best jumpshot in NBA 2K24.

When it comes to MyPlayer builds, creating the best jumpshot is important if you want to have the most dangerous shot in your arsenal. There are different types of jumpshots for different builds.

In this guide, we will explain how to choose the best settings for jumpshots in NBA 2K24, and which are the best jumpshots for every build.

Best jumpshot settings in NBA 2K24

Before getting into how you can create the perfect jumpshot in NBA 2K24, we need to take a look at the best settings for jumpshots. These settings are extremely important and will make shooting much easier.

NBA 2K24 jumshot settings
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Here are the best jumpshot settings in NBA 2K24!

We advise you to try out some different jumpshot settings, as the best one varies from player to player. Despite that, we have the settings that most players find success with, and that are even used by professional NBA 2K players.

Here they are:

  • Vibration: On
  • Shot Timing: Shots and Layups
  • Free Throw Timing: User Timing
  • Jump Shots Meter: Off (if you’re a beginner, turn it on, but after a while, you can turn it off and have a 20% higher chance of hitting green)
  • Shot Timing Visual Cue: Set Point
  • Layup Meter: On
  • Free Throw Meter: On
  • Shot Maker Input Type: All

How to create the best jumpshot in NBA 2K24

When you create a jumpshot in NBA 2K24, there are some particular things you need to pay attention to. Ideally, you want to have a release speed of A+, and the same goes for the release height, timing stability, and defensive immunity.

NBA 2K24 jumshot creator menu
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Having an A+ defensive immunity is especially important. That's because defensive immunity impacts how effective the shot is when opponents contest it.

However, be aware that to equip most releases, you will need to have a minimum rating on a specific shooting attribute, such as three-point shooting.

Now, after you learn how to change shot meter and how to shoot, let’s see how to create the best jumpshot in NBA 2K24.

Best Jumpshot under 6’4” & under

  • Base: Kevin Porter Jr.
  • Upper Release: Oscar Robertson
  • Upper Release 2: Oscar Robertson
  • Blending & Release Speed: 50% / 50%

Best starter build Jumpshot/ 6’5” - 6’9”

  • Base: JT Thor
  • Upper Release: Tobias Harris
  • Upper Release 2: Dante Exum
  • Blending & Release Speed: Tobias Harris 75% / Dante Exum 25%

Best Jumpshot for 6’10” & over

  • Base: Danilo Gallinari
  • Upper Release: Giannis Antetokounmpo
  • Upper Release 2: Giannis Antetokounmpo
  • Blending & Release Speed: 50%/50%

We hope this guide helped you to get more familiar with NBA 2K24, especially if it’s your first time with this basketball simulation. These jumpshots will make you feel more comfortable on the floor with your MyPlayer builds.

Make sure to practice your new jumpshot before trying it out on a game. Some jumpshots also take more time to get used to. However, when you get familiar with them, scoring becomes incredibly easy.

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