NBA 2K24 Best Defensive/Rebounding Badges

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badges in NBA 2K24

We all know the saying - defence wins championships. That’s pretty much true, and even in basketball simulation, such as NBA 2K24, you can’t win games without sturdy D. Although many players in MyCAREER are focusing on offensive builds and strong finishers, the defence plays an integral part, and that’s why we highlight the best defensive/rebounding badges in NBA 2K24.

Talking about finishers, you can check out the best finishing badges in NBA 2K24, while you can also take a look at the best playmaking and shooting badges in NBA 2K24.

Now, let’s see how to make your MyPLAYER one of the best defenders in the league and a DPOY candidate.

Best defensive/rebounding badges in NBA 2K24

The 2K developers revamped the badge system in NBA 2K24. They did remove some, but with the addition of 20 new badges, this year’s edition is more exciting than ever when it comes to MyCAREER mode. Here are the five best defensive/rebounding badges in NBA 2K24.


To prevent your opponent from scoring, blocking their shots is crucial. NBA 2K24 has the Anchor badge that helps with this. It is one of the best defensive badges to have as it stops the opposing team from making baskets.


When it comes to facing mid-range shooters like Dillon Brooks, blocking their shots can be challenging. This is where the Challenger badge comes in handy. It increases your well-timed contest effectiveness, making it easier to defend against perimeter shooters.

NBA 2K24 comes with a revamped badge system
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NBA 2K24 comes with a revamped badge system


If you need to play dirty, stealing the ball from your opponent is a useful defensive tactic. The Glove badge allows you to do this safely, making it one of the best badges to have. With good shooters on your team, it can even lead to a basket.


For a more aggressive approach, the Clamps badge is useful. It allows you to successfully bump into your opponent without the referee intervening. This can cause the ball handler to drop the ball on contact.

Brick Wall

The Brick Wall is another helpful defensive badge. It boosts your screen effectiveness and can tire out your opponent when they try to block you. It is particularly useful when going for a Jump Shot.


These are the five notable defensive/rebounding badges in NBA 2K24:

  • Boxout Beast
  • Pick Dodger
  • Fast Feet
  • Right Stick Ripper
  • Pogo Stick

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