MLB The Show 22: All Sidearm and Submarine Pitchers, Pitching Motions

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MLB The Show 22 is packed to the brim with players and pitching motions, and that makes it hard to know where to look for the fabled submarine pitchers.

With both Diamond Dynasty and motions you can use on your Ballplayer in mind, we've pinpointed all the submariner and sidearm pitching options in MLB The Show 22.

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All Submarine Pitchers in MLB The Show 22


With another year now here, MLB The Show 22 is once again seeing players seek out the fabled submarine pitchers.

Before we get to the names themselves, it's important to clarify the distinction between submariner and sidearm pitching motions.

The true traditional submarine pitching motions is meant to have a release very close to the ground, while some sidearm motions keep things a big higher.

Exactly which players in the league today are true submarine pitchers compared to those using a sidearm motion is up for debate, but only two in the game appear to have the true submariner motion.

submarine pitchers mlb the show 22
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GET LOW: Submarine pitchers lean close to the ground at release

The first and best example is Tyler Rogers of the San Francisco Giants, who appears to get lower than any other motion we could locate in MLB The Show 22.


The next true submariner is Adam Cimber, who spent a few years in Cleveland before landing at his current home with the Toronto Blue Jays.

These are also the only two pitchers in MLB The Show 22 listed as true submarine pitchers by Baseball Reference.

All Sidearm Pitchers with Submariner Pitching Motions

If you loosen up the true submariner definition a bit, there are a handful of other pitchers that many believe fit the bill.

We've categorized them here as closer to a sidearm release, but they may still work for your purposes over the few submarine pitchers.

These pitchers are: Steve Cishek, Adam Kolarek, Ryan Thompson, Justin Lawrence, Joe Smith, Darren O'Day, and Tim Hill.

The final three here are listed as submarine pitchers on Wikipedia, but were not listed in the Baseball Reference grouping mentioned above.

All of these players have pitching motions in Current Players that you can select for your custom Ballplayer.

If you're hoping to use a submariner styled motion in Diamond Dynasty, the best bet is likely going to be Steve Cishek.

MLB THe Show 22
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IN THE CLUTCH: Prime Steve Cishek has very strong pitching clutch

He's actually the only player on this list that has a Live Series card usable in the upcoming Moonshot Event, but there's also a very strong Prime Steve Cishek that's available.


Cishek had been an Event Reward on a previous Event, so he's now in the Event Rewind Pack for the April Monthly Awards Event and will hopefully return to that pack when the Moonshot Event begins.

If you'd rather just buy him outright, Prime Steve Cishek is currently on the Community Market for between 12,900 and 14,200 Stubs.

Generic Submarine and Sidearm Pitching Motions

If you're wanting to give a submariner styled pitching motion to your Ballplayer, your first option is choosing any of the players named above.

They're all built into the game as Current Players and their motions can be selected for any Ballplayer to use in Road to the Show or in Diamond Dynasty.

There are also a few others in the Generic Motions category that are unnamed, but fit the traditional submarine or sidearm release:

  • Generic Windup 6
  • Generic Windup 7
  • Generic Windup 65
  • Generic Windup 103
  • Generic Stretch 5

While it's possible more could be added later in the year if any new Legends are added that have the submarine motion, this will likely be it for MLB The Show 22.