The Show: Diamond Dynasty Feature Premiere Countdown

arrivesWe just have a few hours until MLB The Show 21 Early Access arrives, and we set for the final Feature Premiere ahead of launch.

Diamond Dynasty take centre stage this time, with the online mode perhaps the most addictive aspect of the game you'll be playing.

Latest - Hype is REAL

We've got some insight into what will be arriving in today's feature premiere.

This is perhaps going to give us the most amount of detail of what we can experience in-game, and it arrives just a few hours before Early Access goes live!

Watch MLB The Show 21 Feature Premiere LIVE

MLB The Show 21 will go live with the Diamond Dynasty Feature Premiere on Thursday, April 15 at 3pm PT (6pm ET), and you can watch it live right here or on Sony San Diego's YouTube or Twitch channels.

Over the past five weeks, these Feature Premieres have revealed more details about Hitting and Pitching, the Fielding Overhaul, Ballplayer, Franchise Mode, March to October, Next Gen, and Stadium Creator.

Everything winds down this week with the final Feature Premiere putting the spotlight on Diamond Dynasty, and we're likely to get a large group of reveals for the Diamond Club or a new batch revealed as part of the MLB The Show 21 Legends Roster.

Diamond Dynasty to revamp Prestige, introduce universal Marketplace, and more

Ahead of this week's Feature Premiere looking at Diamond Dynasty, we got a sneak preview thanks to a Q&A between Coach and MLB The Show 21 Product Development Communications and Brand Strategist Ramone Russell.

Perhaps the most exciting bit of information revealed had to do with Prestige, which is coming back this year and we should find out more during the Feature Premiere about how it's being completely revamped.

MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty Feature Premiere Watch Live
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EXCLUSIVE CLUB: Just four players in MLB history are in the 40 40 Club

There was also a reveal of the new "40 40 Club" card series in Diamond Dynasty, effectively teasing some new legends while leaving us wanting more as more card series and card art is revealed.

Be sure to check back here tomorrow during the Feature Premiere to watch live and get all the details on the new features coming to Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 21.

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