Red Dead Online: Where to find Violet Snowdrops – 10 Locations

Whether you need this plant to craft, sell or for a daily challenge, this is where to find them.

Phil Pangalos by Phil Pangalos

Violet Snowdrops are one of the many plants that can be picked or eaten in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). This particular plant is described as “used to help the memory and nerve pain” and can be used to craft other useful items or sold to a merchant.

However, more often than not, RDR2 players are looking for the pesky plants in aid of completing the online daily challenges.

Well, fear not as here at RealSport we have outlined four locations in which you can find ten of the elusive plants.


The below screenshots have been taken from Youtuber ‘Dirty Tyler‘, so a huge thank you to them for putting all the hard graft in!

Remember that once you arrive at each location, Violet Snowdrops can be spotted by their distinctive purple petals.

Each of the four locations are in Northern Annesburg

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Each of the following locations can be found at the most North-Easterly point on the RDR2 map, in Northern Annesburg, north of the railway track that circles around Brandywine Drop.


Location One

The first location is just South of the Northern border on the map, West of an opening of water – there are two Violet Snowdrops to be found here.

Location Two

The next location is just South of location one and a further two Violet Snowdrops can be found here.

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Location Three

Venture West for the next location, which lies just above the road – you can find three more Violet Snowdrops here.


Location Four

The final locations is further West still, very near the cross roads in North Annesburg – another three Violet Snowdrops can be found here.

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Hopefully this guide has been helpful and allows you to get back to gunslinging as soon as possible!

All the locations have been sourced from Dirty Tyler’s youtube video (below) so a massive thank you again for their help.

Be sure to watch out for our other Red Dead Redemption 2 articles for everything you need to know about the game.

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