How to Reverse in AEW Fight Forever

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AEW Fight Forever: Two players are fighting

AEW Fight Forever is a new fighting game that was released just a couple of days ago. There are a few things each combat system should have and one of them is countering your opponent's attacks by pressing the right buttons at the right time. So here’s how to reverse in AEW Fight Forever!

Countering your opponent and reversing the position can be quite tricky and requires precise button pressing, but if you succeed, you will gain a huge advantage over your opponent. In this guide, we will teach you how you can counter like a pro!

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How to reverse strike in AEW Fight Forever

There are two types of attacks you can reverse. The first are strikes (punches, kicks, and so on) and the second are grapple attacks. For each of these, you need to use a different button to reverse.

AEW Fight Forever: Two players are fighting
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To reverse a strike, you will need to press R1/RB/R right before the opponent hits you. Then you will grab them and have an opportunity to hit them back. The timing is quite tricky and you need to be able to quickly react. You can go into training mode against an AI to practice your muscle memory.

How to reverse grapple in AEW Fight Forever


As said before, for a reverse grapple, there is a different button to press. On PlayStation that’s L1, on Xbox it’s LB, and on PC it’s F. Reversing grapples are very similar to strikes as you need to press L1/LB/F before your opponent grabs you. However, if you mess up the timing here, you still have a chance to reverse. If your opponent grabs you and then strikes you, you can reverse strike by pressing R1/RB/R and get out of the tough situation.

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