Minecraft Pocket Edition: Gameplay - Controls, Trailer, Best Mods, Installation Guide & More

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Minecraft Pocket Edition, better known as the Bedrock version of Minecraft, has revolutionised the experience for mobile users around the world!

Players can now access the iconic Minecraft sandbox world on their way to work, on the train and even on the toilet.

For all of the basics on the gameplay, including the controls and the best mods to play around with, continue reading below!


Well, instead of showing you guys a trailer for a five-year-old game, we're going to give you the launch trailer for Minecraft Dungeons!

The game is finally out, and it is said to play a lot like Diablo, but with enough unique features to set itself apart from the game.

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Minecraft Dungeons will play like any other isometric hack and slash game and feature Minecraft’s iconic aesthetic.

Controls for Pocket Edition

Minecraft Pocket Edition runs on your tablet or mobile device, so naturally, the controls differ slightly from PC and other platforms.

minecraft pocket edition gameplay controls
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NAVIGATION: It will take a minute to get used to these controls, but they are very intuitive

The controls are as follows:

Place/Use Item Tap target location
Mine/Destroy ItemTap target location and hold
JumpJump button (tap once)
Fly (Creative)Jump button (tap twice)
Stop Flying (Creative)Stop button (tap twice)
Fly Higher (Creative)Higher button
Fly Lower (Creative)Lower button
Drop/Throw ItemTap and hold (item in Hotbar)
Open Crafting MenuTap on crafting table
Open InventoryTriple Dot Button
Walk ForwardUp Arrow
Walk BackwardDown Arrow
Strafe LeftLeft Arrow
Strafe RightRight Arrow
Run/SprintUp Arrow (tap twice and hold)
Crouch/SneakCenter button (tap twice)
Stop Crouching/SneakingCenter button (tap twice)
LookTouch screen and move
Change Selected Item in HotbarTap item
ChatChat button
Run CommandChat button

Best Mods for Pocket Edition

Mods and add-ons have always played a large role in the Minecraft Universe, and we’ve stumbled across a few that you need to try out.

minecraft pe ferrari
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VROOM VROOM: Cruise around in this oddly-realistic Ferrari with the 'Ferrari 458 Italia' mod

Getting them installed and activated can be a chore since the process is different for iOS and Android users, so head over to the 'Installation Guide' article for the full guide.

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